Looks like I'm moving up to the riveland to live in the coming month. Does anybody know if there are any BUG's up there.

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There's Riverland Cycling Club, depends on where you are moving to, I know a few local groups in Loxton

Hey thank you, will be going to berri or Renmark

The Tour of the Riverland is on at the end of May (Berri).  Good timing!

There's a few clubs in Berri too

I think there is a bike s.a group that rides in the riverland not sure of where.Probably best option is go into bike s.a and grab a program of the free rides

They had a plague of crickets but that should'nt be a problem in the cooler weather.

Thank you for the info and crikets I will look out for them lol. Will check it out this weekend going up there to look for a house to live in, looking forward to it. We have lived in Renmark before its a great place and the winter is warmer then Victor Harbor. Thank you all again.

Hi Dean.  I used to live in Renmark and there is a good cycling club.  I can put you in touch with one of the members if you are interested.  They hold races and criteriums as well as general group rides.  

Thank you Maya, that would be great if you could. I have been intouch with the Riverland Cycling Club via facebook and they have given me loads of info. I'm looking forward to riding up there. I have lived up there myself and was working at The renmark Hotel but wasn't riding then. My memoties is that it is quiet flat is there any hills that you know of?

They tend to do the hill in Paringa which is steep but short, also a good one in Renmark west - and there is always the hill at Loxton... that is a pretty good ride, especially as they go round the back of lyrup.  

Maya thank you for letting me know was up there late last week and got to ride there but was to cold for the riders to come out at 6.30 am. Rode on Goverment rd hill not big will have to ride a loop.


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