Wednesday 18-Oct-2017 7am to 9am
Ride2Work Day
Plus ACC free breakfast in Hindmarsh Square/ Mukata

More info from City of Adelaide

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From a Bike SA email:
For breakfast, there'll be coffee from Cafe2U and bacon, egg & cheese muffins or a vegetarian alternative served by the Rotary Club, plus bananas (thanks to Australian Bananas).
There'll also be a number of bike-related exhibitors where you can receive legal and physiotherapy advice, mobile bike servicing, bike sales and helmet fitting. SAPOL and the Country Fire Service will be present, as will Eye Play Sport, Hey Reflecto, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and many others.

Good effort from all the attending companies.

One suggestion, next time they need to provide a proper bike rack or the 'suspended line between 2 anchor points' type of rack.

There was only some barricading/fencing provided that people tried to half hang their bikes off,
and a few times the fencing footing on the fencing moved, so all bikes on it fell over.

Apart from that I enjoyed my Free bacon and egg muffin and coffee and one of my co-workers who rode got a free bike fit - where they raised his seatpost by 20mm and advised his stem is a bit too long (have tried to convince people of the value of Bike fits for a long time now )

also very nice to meet Heather in person.


Will pass on your bike parking comment to ACC. I coordinate Adl BUG so in contact with ACC staff.

Several commented on the free nice muffins, without noticing the Rotary donation jar. I added $2 coin so almost free.

Coppo, you are not the first person to 'recognise' me at first meeting. People guess that an Adl female cycling advocate might be Heather. There are others, like Fay who is chairperson of BISA (Bicycle Institute).

That's true on the muffins, I had a look in my pack but did not have any change.
Next time I will know, or they can give people a heads up prior to make sure you got change. 

or charities could use 21st century tools....


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