Hi folks 

Has anyone done this event before? I am keen to do the ride just wondering if anyone has done it before? I asked for more info and have been getting phone calles about it constantly which is putting me off. 

Anyone want to join and make an AC team? 



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I am potentially interested pending further details. I did the "ride for a reason" as part of the BUPA challenge and that was via the SA cancer council which were very good - helpful and responsive but not pestering. Doesn't seem enough details on the website to decide without going down the "request for info" route like you have done.


Richard, the website is really good actually if you spend time going through each section and their facebook page is good too.

You have to raise $2,500 individually even in a team (so hoping if I do it friendly peeps on here will support us) The deadline to raise the money is before the ride with an absolute deadline of January 2014. The ride will go from Adelaide CBD to Barossa and back and be fully supported. They provide tents and carry your luggage etc.

$50 is the registration fee which covers everything on the ride. 

Hope that helps Richard, be good to have you on board if you decide to join us (me and Mr Jones so far)

I don't know Randall they assume that you can raise it as that's what your committing to do.

Really have you asked? I posted on the facebook page and I haven't had a response yet either. It's a shame really as it's important to raise the funds but it's a big ask. I reckon I could get to $1500 quite easily but after that it gets really hard.

I want to do a charity ride and something that's challenging but also manageable with time constraints etc. Cancer is something close to my heart which is why this ride stands out.

I can't pay the difference if I don't reach the target. I understand that they are supporting us and supplying all foo etc I would rather pay for my own than have to find the difference.

Really not sure I will do this....

Will chase it up in the week.. but looking at other options too.

Take a look at the small print, on the entry form/waiver. here

If I am a Rider, I understand that I must raise at least $2,500 in order to ride in the Event. If I have not raised at least $2,500 before 30 November, 2013, I may make my own donation to reach the minimum in order to ride.

1.The ride is organised by  'Causeforce', there are rides in several states, to benefit medical research institutions.

2.  If  Causeforce aren't answering your question, what happens if you don't happen to raise $2,500  - give Flinders Medical Centre Research Foundation a call. 

Events Officer is Deb Palmer, & she's very friendly.

Research Foundation's number is 8204 5216.

Just spoken to Flinders Medical Centre Research Foundation.

The ride set up is a bit different to others we are used to.

Once you register - the organisers provide support and coaching and skills, on  fund raising. From day 1 .  It is that extra focussed help, which is different about this one.

FMCRF say, with that help, nearly everyone who registers, should raise the target . 

If you don't hit the amount - you don't get to ride - but you still get to be part of  the event e.g liaison, support crew. So they don't leave you out in the cold.  

Hope that helps. This method of fund raising is different to what we're used to. In that, everyone gets to ride, and you just raise what you can. In this , there is a target, but you get a lot of support to help you reach it.


Thanks Mike, I think that their are right the chances of you getting the amount is raised is probably quite likely but for me think it has put me off. Will look into other charity rides or other challenging rides.

...and that is  OK.  Even with coaching and motivational support - would be a lot of work and comitment -  to raise $2500 in cash.

Some people enjoy that way of raising funds, . Others prefer other ways. All  are fine.

When I looked into the finer details of the ride and saw that $2500 needed to be raised to ride, that put me off registering. In simple terms, to raise that amount I would need 100 friends etc to donate $25 each. A lesser amount obviously equates to more friends etc donating. It is fair to assume that a number of my cycling friend are considering doing this ride and eventually i will be asked to donate to each of them. To do so will cost me 100's of dollars in return for getting their donation.
Put simply, I'd rather pay a larger registration fee (say $250) then set up a fundraising page on something like Everyday Hero and raise whatever I can without worrying whether I get to some magical figure some bean counter has decided upon.

My guess  -  it's only a guess -  participants will  need to  organise 'fund-raising events'. 

 Hard to raise $250, let alone $2500, by looking for cash donations.

But organise a  quiz night, $10 a ticket,  with a raffle, an auction -  hall full of people -  you're in the ballpark. And people like those events, too....  Add a garage sale & cake stall.... .

Maybe that is how it is supposed to work.


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