Just got an update on my facebook page about a guy who is doing an amazing thing whilst insane, it is also amazing what you can achieve if you put your mind to it. This guy has rode 800km in 48hrs.. get your bike guys and gals :-)

Follow this link to read the full post - Inspiration? This guy rode 800km in 48hr!

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His name wasn't Chewbacca was it?

Sounds like he's training for the Paris-Brest-Paris.

Another 'quiet achiever' as Karen was. No inappropriate comments or photo's on his post. Just Respect. Inspirational !

Karen would be proud as punch

I currently use the stories I'm reading in the book "Tour de France" by Graeme Fife. The 1926 Tour was ridden over 5700 kms in 17 days, on 15kg bikes, carrying all their gear, on treacherous roads in the mountains at night where if they had issues with their bike they had to fix it themselves.


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