REMEMBERING 100 YEARS AGO >>> Gawler Wheelers Group Ride Report: Saturday 14th April 2012

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Gawler Wheelers-ROUTE23-Gawler-Freeling-Kapunda-Tarlee-Templers-Wasleys-Gawler-HILLS

No. of Riders : 53



Ride Summary

One hundred years ago today at 11.40pm the Titanic, on her maiden voyage, struck an iceberg and a few hours later sunk with great loss of life. To mark the anniversary the Gawler Wheelers today held our first ‘titanic’ group ride over 100 kms.



Newbies Tony and Mark were amongst the 53 to ride with us today.  Mark has been in Australia for 4 years. When asked why he left South Africa he replied > “simple….crime. I saw on the news one night a story about a cyclist who was shot dead by a thief who stole his bike. I knew then that it was time to leave the country….you can’t ride like this in South Africa.”


The group of 53 rode together for the first 23 kms to Freeling. A gentle incline coupled with a cheeky little headwind made this leg hard work and everyone was glad to arrive in Freeling for our first re-group stop.


In Freeling the large group split. 38 riders elected to undertake the shorter 60km ride. The hard leg was behind us as we merrily headed off the Wasleys sitting on 30km+ ave speed. We met a couple of friendly bikies at Wasleys who told us they might join us one week!..(see photo). The 20km leg back to Gawler was pure joy….we had the tailwind now and speeds of 50kph were easily reached. on the home leg.


Meanwhile 15 of the group took off to complete the longer 110km route taking in Kapunda and Tarlee. Here is how Pete described that ride >>:


The ride was a cyclists dream today. Just enough wind to keep us honest, and the average rider clocked back at Jaspers with a 30kph average for the day. There was only one major climb on the route, and it was the only section of the entire ride where we had a full head wind, but Craig and Matt  didn't seem to notice either as they zoomed out of sight going UP! We found a lovely shady spot at Tarlee to rest our bones for a half hour break before we set off, this time with the wind on our backs all the way home.”  Well done to the 110km guys…great effort!


All the riders made it safely back to Jaspers Café after what were two most pleasant GW rides. Amongst the coffees, lattes and beers we also distributed the second GW Team Kit order, as well as pre-viewing the proposed GW Bib Nicks that we will be ordering soon. WOW….what a great morning!!

NEXT WEEK: We revert to one big group ride. It’s an undulating route through the fabulous Barossa Valley and up to the Warren Reservoir. Details will be posted on AC Events soon. Of course YOU are welcome to attend. Today’s photo gallery follows:


Newbie Mark arrives for his first Gawler Wheelers ride


Brett is playing soccer tomorrow so taking good care of his legs today


Two of our younger guys ready to ride - Fabian and Brendan


Lot's of laughter and chat before the ride


Juz asked "should I put my base layer on?" Yes...we won't look


...but you know Juz....the Papparazzi are everywhere (sorry)!


AC Sponsor Gary Mills from Star Cycles with Janet. Check out on the right the great special Gary has put up exclusively for AC Members


Kapunda Road re-group.....bikes and more bikes!


Lee taking a photo of me taking a photo of him! Damn papparazzi!


Re-group at our Freeling Headquarters


Pete at Freeling...meditating prior to the 110km ride?


The palm trees at Freeling


John (L) and newbie Tony cycling into Freeling


Decision time at Freeling. Put your hand up if you want to do the 110kms


Made new bikie friends at Wasleys. (Permission obtained to publish)


Caroline at Wasleys > "YAH I'm not last!"


The flowers always make the GW rides more enjoyable


The Big Miner welcomed the 110km riders at Kapunda


110km riders arrive at Kapunda


The group looking for shade at Tarlee


Dale says at Tarlee "Do you like my shaved legs?" Of course Dale!


Matt and Peter: Done 90 kms...only 20kms to go now


Back home Megan Gale modelled our new bib knicks


Getting ready to distribute the team kit. Wilson is so so organised!


Juz and Richard start handing them out


Michael finally gets his Gawler Wheeler jersey


All these people stripping today!!! (Who is it?)


88 year old Lil (still cycling) joined us for a coffee. Recounted many stories of her younger days eg when at 65years of age she would ride 320kms in one day.


The 110km group start arriving back home. 12.45....great time!


16 year old Carmen: "YES!...110km accomplished...YIPPEE!"


Finally, we remember that tragic event 100 years ago

Gawler Wheelers is all about comradeship, fun, fitness and chasing our dreams. Join the GW group on AC. Come on our rides. Contact details below. Until next week >> Cheers for now...Frank.


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All these people stripping today!!! (Who is it?)

The Dog Tag says "Rambo"  !


Gee must have been looking at the photo very closely!! :-)

YOU set the rules but did not follow them. You are supposed to include the word TITANIC in every reply !   :)

Ahh the facebook nicknames get a mention (:

Ended up with 130 kms for the day. All I can say is that ride was TITANIC :)

Unlike The Titanic's maiden voyage, today's GW event was successful!  I even managed to capture a rare photo, one of Frank....  Another great ride on one of the best GW routes.

Wilson giving the all important pre-ride briefing, with Frank in the background....

The start of a new Saturday with the troops starting to gather at Jaspers, ready to set out like The Titanic on her maiden voyage!

Great photo's Lee... soo clear

I agree Terry.  I was a bit worried as to how good the image quality would be given the price of the camera.  I think the results are superb and the colours seem to be quite vibrant.

Looking forward to capturing more great moments from GW rides in photos!

What was your ave for the day Craig?

Over 130kms I had an avg of just over 30ks :) I'm happy with that sence I was not feeling 100% Iin the morning :)


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