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I'm cycling about 44km a day, five days a week.  This is a big increase on last year and I think I should treat myself to a better rain jacket.  My current jacket is basically a plastic bag in which you sweat in.

I'm thinking something Gore-tex.  I'd like it in yellow.  I'd like to buy it locally.

Today I went to 5 bike shops in the city.  Only one had something that matched my requirements except it was black.  It was also $400.  I'm prepared to pay a bit - but not that much.

Can anyone make any suggestions?  I think I'll have to go online:

This would be ideal, but it's not in my size (I'm at least a large around the middle!)

This might be suitable (I'll have to read more reviews).

This is good value, but not in yellow and only a few sizes available.

Thanks for any advice.


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Do you ride 5 days a week, raining or not? Do you really NEED a fully rainproof & breathable jacket?

Each to their own but i actively avoid riding in the rain plus usually get too hot in a full jacket. If it is cold, raining or really wet on the road, a full jacket becomes essential. The other side is hypothermia which sucks!

I have a Craft full jacket, i wear maybe 5 times a year  certainly not 'rainproof' but fine for super cold mornings and passing showers. Usually it's stowed in a jersey pocket.

$400 sounds about right for the gortex sort of thing.

There was a new one from Gore reviewed by CyclingTips last week: http://cyclingtips.com/news/gore-bike-wear-one-gore-tex-active-bike...

I bought one a few years ago in Rundle Street, it's Goretex and I certainly didn't pay $400. Can't remember which shop but it was one of the adventure shops and I recall that there was quite a disparity in price for similar jackets between the shops. My jacket is cycling specific with the dropped back to prevent water spinning off the wheel up your bum. 

But my best rain jacket is an Adelaide Cyclists jacket that I got from Gus, really comfy, waterproof, warm but not sweaty. You never know he might still have one buried at home somewhere. 

Yeah, I've got a couple of jackets from Gus and they are great but I haven't tried them in the rain to be honest.

I Have a MountainDesign jacket I too bought from a shop on Rundle St, was $100 and is really good down to 5degC with just a t-shirt underneath, breaths very well and totally keeps out the rain.

The lower half is usually the hassle, I wear skins on the legs which dry out almost as fast as they get wet!

All those jackets Hozozco lists above look very promising as well - maybe I need a new jacket ;-)

Take a look at the Shower Pass Elite 2.1. You wont find one locally though. Got mine over a year ago when the AU$ was higher.  It may not end up being within your price bracket but Event does breath better than Gortex.

Another tip is to look for a jacket with pit vents (zippered vents near or under the armpit) and a vent at the back.

If your North East, I've got a Large you could have a look at. 

Thanks for the tips everyone.

I do ride 5 days a week (44km/day) regardless of the weather.  I don't mind cold weather, but I'm really not enjoying riding in a plastic bag.

The new Gore looks great, except for the price.

I might try some camping shops when I get time.  I really do want something reflective which I don't think I'll find in a camping range.

That Elite Shower Pass is $AUS330, which is right up there...but I might find it cheaper somewhere.  Sorry, I'm down in Hallett Cove.

Thanks again


My Goretex is yellow and has reflective stripes and the brand name is Mont

Thanks Clive.  Googling now!

I know of a XL Shower Pass thats up for sale on another forum but its a red one.

I had the "Sportful Fiandre Light No-Rain Top" for a short period (before it was stolen), thought it was great. Its water resistant, not waterproof hence you will need to keep apply apparel reproofer every couple of washes. The advantage of that is you get a jacket that breathes much better and is far from a sweat box. I wouldn't use it all day in constant rain but would be fine for a commute.

I have also heard nothing but good things about the Castelli Gabba jersey as an alternative to a rain jacket.

don't forget anaconda stores etc , it does not have to be a cycling store if you want full rainproof.

You should figure you are going to get wet / sweaty in temps more than cold cold, regardless.
The full rainproof I only wear when it is cold and raining, so that over heat is not a problem.

If looking at wiggle , chain reaction, etc online,  I would look for jackets with an inner mesh also.  The mesh allows for you to sweat and keeps the plastic off your skin to make the jacket more comfortable and not stick to you.

I have that on my old castelli jacket, its not full waterproof, so you get wet, but not dirty and it allows for sweating

Years ago I bought Netti goretex yellow jacket and pants for many $$ from Bike Express. A few left at sale price, and the assistant encouraged me to buy a large size. Fits over my layered winter clothing, as I am a utility cyclist. A waist cord in the jacket, so can adjust to reduce wind flap and increase warmth when wearing lycra. Also a hem cord, and the wrists and ankles are adjustable with Velcro straps. The pants waist has elastic and cord, so easy to pull over street clothing, and adjusts for weight changes. Armpit zips that I leave open.
Unfortunately no pockets or rain hood (separate or hidden in zipped collar). These would make the jacket more versatile when walking in Rundle Mall or the country.
Coppo, definitely agree about mesh. The jacket has full mesh, the pants half mesh so clammy below the knees. Another reason for mesh . . . yesterday read reviews on the Shower Pass eVent fabric that said fabric pores will block with body sweat and oils. So need to wash frequently with approved cleaner, then use approved waterproofing agent.
Even Netti goretex eventually wears out -- delaminating in some places. For a couple of years I have been looking for replacement yellow jacket and black pants, with plenty of reflective strips. Nothing that ticks enough boxes that I would pay that money. I am not prepared to buy without first trying on, and not much choice in Adelaide / Australia. I veto red jackets because the colour does not show up in dim lighting, plus red is the most common colour-blind colour that appears grey.


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