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FYI, I have recently emailed the Adelaide City Council & various Councillors to ask why the pedestrian/ cyclist rail crossing from War Memorial Drive to JE Brown Park is still closed.  The good news is that the pedestrian/ cyclist path on the rail bridge over South Rd (new T2T section at Croydon is open.  See pics here: - https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipMrbOThTmPZzp8JKI08s96zdH5G4a5...

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Yes, I realise these things.  I just don't like how DPTI use 'safety' as an excuse after months of delays.  If they'd planned things properly, they would have put in a pedestrian/ bike crossing of War Memorial Drive (similar to the one further north (to Barton Tce W) - and a signed bike/ foot path on the E side of War Memorial Dv to the existing footpath up to  Strangways Tce.  I haven't asked for these things, but..

I have also just reported/ complained to DPTI that the Torrens Linear Path remains closed under South Rd - & the new sign there says 'until mid-late Nov.'.  The previous sign said mid-Sept & was there long before the completion of the T2T project construction works.  I also pointed out that there is no alternative safe crossing of South Rd near here.  (The nearest lights ar at Ashwin Pde ~200m to the south of here).



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