According to a story just posted on Adeliadenow, a cyclist who reported a close pass including video footage, was told by the investigating officer that he should not have been riding on such a busy road and that he was exposing himself to “intoxicated, unfocused and angry” drivers.  When it was suggested that the driver should be fined, the policeman replied that the law was going to be scrapped in 3 months time.

I find it hard to believe that the law would be scrapped by this government, but even in the unlikely event that this were true, it is the law now and this dangerous act should be met with a fine. I hope a complaint was put in against the investigating officer

Note the story in behind the Adelaidenow paywall, so you might have to open a private browsing window and google "police told cyclist 1m rule scraped" to get around the paywall

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It's a classic beatup, you can tick the boxes...

  • An anonymous source.
  • No corroboration of the story from a second source.
  • No checking with the other side of the story.
  • Nothing better than unverified hearsay - always remember that a phone conversation is worth the paper it's written on.

I find it hard to believe that the law would be scrapped by this government...

For what it's worth, the story does say the State Government is denying any plan to remove the regulations. Don't think that means it's not a possibility, everything will be on the table if they are under pressure as the 2018 election approaches.

However, there is still the possibility of the Regulations being defeated by a disallowance motion when Parliament returns for the new year. Unlike an Act which only gets introduced after passing absolute majority votes in both houses of Parliament, this move was introduced by Regulation which allows more routine matters to bypass the democratic process but with the safety net of the disallowance motion to keep the Government accountable.

The effect of a successful disallowance motion on expiations already issued is something that I don't know about. If they would have to be refunded and the demerit points expunged, then that could give the drivers a feeling of having been vindicated afterwards - a big enough problem that sticking to cautions until the disallowance motion has been voted on would be a sensible long term plan.

it is the law now and this dangerous act should be met with a fine.

It was, according to what the story said the person claiming to be the cyclist told the paper they had been told over the phone by a police officer.

So maybe it was and maybe it wasn't.

I hope a complaint was put in against the investigating officer

Indeed, a reprimand and some retraining should be in order for the speculating about the plans of the Government if they did actually say that. I would be very surprised if a complaint was made though, given the person went to the Advertiser instead.

If SAPOL have enacted a policy of using their discretion to just issue cautions until the issue of the disallowance motion is resolved, the officer should have simply said so without speculation.

1 metre rule in Queensland to be looked at in April 2016 due to enforceability issue according to this dated article.

My sense is that it will remain as you cannot leave cyclists worse off. The deterrent effect of the regulations alone would be effective. 

The video of the incident is quite damning, something should have been done about it and Im inclined to take the cyclists word for it after reading countless examples of police not giving a crap when complaints are made.

At least the policeman shows a fine understanding of the drivers out there. 

  “intoxicated, unfocused and angry” drivers

...and on crystal meth...


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