Just got a txt from a friend would reports quite a few cyclists being pulled up just south of Henley Square.  Anyone seen this or know what for? She wasnt sure... a group, plus individual cyclists have been stopped and spoken to... the reporter is unsure if notices are being issued....

Seems some sort of blitz is taking place.... Anyone have any further info?

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it doesn't surprise me. Im sure I mentioned it in other posts about what I have seen bikes doing there. Wrong way in groups up the one way street. Across the square at speed. Some very strong lobby groups down that way that have a lot of clout. Everyone be on your bestest ever behavior, as im sure you always are.

AFAIK this was on Seaview Road. More info is that there was one cyclist pulled over last night and 2 this morning. Lights and sirens used.  One road cyclist received an expiation ticket for an unknown offence. Some had bikes looked over at length.

Myself am glad this is happening as there is far too many stupid and dangerous displays of riding along there infuriating car drivers, which in turn just makes it worse for the regular riders who train along there and do the right thing. I was involved in a physical altercation with a car driver at the Henley Sq Pedestrian crossing lights 6 months ago, so i am acutely aware of the problems around Henley with car/bikes at the moment....

I reckon it's cyclists not stopping (and putting a foot on the ground) at the stop sign on the corner of Seaview Rd and Henley Beach Rd (here). It's happened before and you lose points off your driver's licence if you are caught.

Just wondering if you have a link to any legislation saying that a complete stop at a stop sign here requires a cyclist to put their foot down. Certainly you can put your foot down while the wheels are still in motion and certainly you can do a track stand on a bicycle and come to a complete stop without putting your foot down. I'm interested in knowing how the law is worded for cyclists.

Um, no. I seemed to recall something about that the last time it came up.  I just scanned the resposes and can't see it. So scrub that idea. Practice your track standing.

Somebody should write the council a ticket for putting a stop sign there.

If i trusted a stop sign similar to that i would be dead. It manipulates the road heirachy. i've seen many a distracted/clueless driver completely drive through stop signs like that.

Theres one at a t section on my delivery run, I once yielded to a driver doing well over 50 through a stop sign while smsing. She had no idea, the driver behind also gave me a honk for stopping (if they were in front of me...).

Bollocks infrastructure and Peti police.

Still, nothing wrong with ticketing people that ride too quickly on shared zones.

I often see a cop car parked next to the hotel watching that intersection. I hardly ever come to a complete stop personally, but there is ample opportunity to have a quick look to see if any cops are around and stop in time. 

I have also seen cops randomly pulling over solo cyclists in front of West Lakes at Tapleys Hill Rd  and the same cop car just doing continuous loops in that area. Speculation on my part purely, but I thought they were checking the bikes had bells, since the cyclists I saw pulled over seemed to be riding safely. 

ok guys... just clarified where cyclists are being stopped. It is on Seaview Rd 100 to 200m NORTH of Henley Sq, heading south.  This eliminates the Henly Bch Rd roundabout being a cause. It also eliminates cyclists running a red at the Ped Crossing as the reason. Good to see the cops out policing however, lets hope they arent going overboard.....

still would be good to get some clarification around what they are actually stopping cyclists for...

Depending on the time of day there is a school just north of Henley Sq. Would it be for speeding in a school zone?? School started back this week.

Cyclists can't be done for speeding


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