Ok so another sunglass question but this one is slightly different. Having lost my sunglasses yesterday I am now in need of a new pair, there are however a couple of snags. First thing is I wear glasses so need to have prescription sunnies, 2nd problem is my script is too strong to have prescription lenses put into any sunglass frame with a any sort of wrap. So I am left with having to buy sunnies that can have a prescription insert behind the tinted lense, which is what I just had and lost (first pair lost in 30yrs of wearing glasses). Also adding to the issues is that I am a carpenter/builder so often find myself on a roof one minute and inside the next. To overcome all these issues I have been led down the path to rudy project, and have found a couple of nice pairs that have Photochromic lenses and can have a prescription insert. The question is do these Photochromic lenses really work?? Do they work in cars whilst driving, does the tinting/untinting effect lessen with time? I have read on the net that they dont work in cars due to there being none or little UV transmission through the windscreen. I have sent an email off to rudy regarding this but I wanted real world experience and advice on this.

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Well I just came back from a ride where I left during sun and returned in the dark and was commenting to my wife how good PC lenses are. I didn't feel like in the sun I was wearing dark sunnies but more importantly descending from Lofty I didn't once think I needed to take my glasses off.

Mine are Shimano Equinox and they have facility for incorporating a prescription insert but I don't know anything else about that.Easy Tiger will comment. He has Rudys with an insert.

I have (red) Rudy photochromatic prescription lenses (not inserts) and they certainly do work. No idea about inside a car as I only wear them while cycling. Rudy can do a prescription lens to a stronger script than (say) Oakley so it might be worth checking what options you have at Lenz Eyewear.

i only just started a discussion a few weeks ago


I ended uo buying mine from Lenz eyewear on king william rd hyde pk, they matched the online price from Rudy.  they have them in store to try on and the store staff are Optometrist.  The deal i got was with 3 extra lens free. Only worn once so far but seem to work well.  Mine are the clear so the tint is not as dark as my normal sunnies but i use mine for late afternoon rides into night, there are different tints available

i dont have prescription lens added so i cant comment on that aspect

I have a prescription pair of PC glasses (not for cycling) and overall am not impressed. They particularly do not work very well in cars, in fact when I first got mine I took them back in to check that they actually were working! They did get a bit better over time, but after a year or so I got sick of not being able to see for a minute or two when you first walk outside, and then again when you go back inside; so I have now gone back to separate indoor and sun glasses.

I have photochromic glasses (Health Partners - Pentax I think).  They don't work very well inside a car as (I believe) the glass blocks the UV that activates them.  I have found they have become very slightly darker when activated over time.  Previous pairs have also done this.

Wearing my AC cycling cap when the sun is low-ish, I've also had just the bottom half of the glasses darken as the top half is in the shade.  Not a problem, but a bit weird!

I tend to lose sunglasses, so it's the best solution for me even if they're not perfect.

Good luck


Have just had an email back from rudy and they have confirmed that the photo lenses will not work in a car and also the effect will dminish with time, so looks like I have to stick with normal sunnies with the prescription behind.

@ Mark, went into Lenz yesterday and spoke with the guy there, rudy will only go to a -4 prescription whilst oakley is a -3, however I am -7 so no good for me.

Being very myopic I also have to wear something when riding. I have transistion specs, prescription sunnies and also std sunnies / contact lenses.

By far the best solution is contact lenses and non-pres sunnies. You can then by the multi lens cycling sunnies.

I have some of the Shimano PC equinox, they dont really suit my face , I get too much leakage around the sides causing tearing up on downhills.

Chris and I both wear Ruedi Project Rydon with photochromic lenses.  Chris bought his from Wiggle and then had the prescription insert made by Lenz Eyewear.  I couldnt have any kind of sunnies at all due the degree of astigmatism and shotsightedness I had... so I had eye laser surgery last December.  Then I went to Lenz and got my RPs with photochromic  lenses and three extra lens sets for free (red, yellow and clear).  We are both very pleased with them. Great sun and wind protection.

well I have been back to Lenz today and he showed me the polarized photo lenses in smoke(grey), these start at 50% then reduce to 80% in full sunlight. So even in the car they would offer protection, though obvisouly in very low light conditions they may be too dark. I am looking at the Noyz style ones as the others are too big for my face. I have also been looking at the shimano ones online but cant work out who in adelaide stocks them, any clues anyone?

I've searched extensively throughout Adelaide for prescription sunnies to wear when riding, there are really only 2 places that actually know what they're doing Lenz and AbFab eyewear 


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