I noticed a very negative portrayal of cycling on my Credit Union's website on the w/e. It seems they want to replace your bike with a car loan. It's on thie front web page & even on their printed statements ...



This reminds me of a similar campaign a few years ago when a CU advertised car loans on *bus shelters* with the slogan " Hands up for a car loan", accompanying a graffic of a hand clutching one of those leather handles in a bus or train - presumably this hand belongs to a *standing* [ read : uncomfortable] commuter, who'd be better off in their own car....


We sure have a ong way to go to get bikes accepted as a legitimate transport option !

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Actually, that bus shelter ad was from Bank SA.
Yes, this sort of advertising annoys me on so many levels .. I feel a concerted campaign against CPS is required to get that sort of rubbish removed - wonder who the ad company / web designer is who came up with this 'brilliant' idea, maybe they too need to be informed?!?
The address to direct letters is:

CPS Credit Union
44 Waymouth Street
Adelaide SA 5000

And the list of board members to address letters to is:

Gary Green, Chairman
Chris Doogan, Deputy Chairman
Stephanie Chapman, Director
Daniel Cloghan, Director
Peter Gogarty, Director
Barry Hanna, Director
Catherine Nance, Director
Steven Nolis, Director
Anne O'Donnell, Director
Heather Webster, Director

Have fun. :-D
I have spoken to Community CPS and I raised the issue regarding the negative presentation of cycling with a representatives of Community CPS Credit union.

She has apologised for any offence caused by the advertisement and has further advised that;

1. CPS participated in the Corporate Challenge
2. That they raised funds for juvenile diabetes through cycling efforts
3. They were involved in TDU
4. They have a green loan and will be looking to see how that can be extended to cycling.
5. They would be willing to discuss how they may assist BISA in sponsoring any events in the future.

So they could turn out the good guys yet.
Bah. Who needs a car loan. That guy just needed a Bob trailer. Then he could take the dirt roads home as well. :P
I'm with CPS - I noticed that ad in their window in town the other day when I used their ATM, and wasn't very impressed. But I don't think it's really anti-cycling, just the usual appeal to consumer greed that loan ads represent (with strictly white people - have you noticed?)


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