Outer Harbour Greenway Closure, Gibson St to Park Trc over January.

The PortBUG is advised that - as part of the new DPTI Torrens Rail Junction Project - the pedestrian crossing at the Park Terrace level crossing and the section of the Outer Harbor Greenway between Gibson Street and Park Terrace will be closed between 4th & the 20th of January, 2017.

From early January DPTI will undertake works to relocate the boom gates and associated traffic signals at the level crossing on Park Terrace in Bowden. To ensure pedestrian and cyclist safety around our work site, they will close the pedestrian crossing at the Park Terrace level crossing and the section of the Outer Harbor Greenway between Gibson Street and Park Terrace. 

Detours for bicycle users will be via:

  • the nearby Port Road crossing
  • the pedestrian crossing on Park Terrace near Fourth Street or...
  • the Gawler Greenway underpass under Park Terrace. 

Advance notice signage will be installed today with further directional signage prior to the works starting. 

The Project Information Line relating to these works is 1300 582 071.

ps: please forgive the amateurish graphic - best I could do in the circumstances!

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This coincides with the installation of the new rail and pedestrian bridge over South Rd. I'm looking forward to the opening of the shared path part of that project! During January I'd be heading for Hawker St via any suitable surface route as that way has a passable crossing over South Rd for the moment.


Oh and keep an eye open for Segway users around the Torrens:


The shared path on the new railway bridge over South Road and the North-South Motorway will not be opening immediately, as the priority for the January works is to minimise the amount of time that rail services will be suspended. This is important, as previous lengthy rail line closures resulted in thousands of people abandoning public transport and taking to the roads themselves.

One interesting design feature with the new rail bridge is that South Road (i.e. the lanes on the surface, not the North-South Motorway in the trench) will be partially lowered, allowing for the bridge to be lower height than if the road stayed flat. I believe this is a first for SA. 

For those who are considering Hawker St as an alternative in this time and are heading to/from the city, the best options for routes to/from the city would be:

  • War Memorial Drive (full time bike lanes all the way, signalled crossing of Park Tce)
  • Paths on both the eastern and western sides of the Gawler/interstate rail corridor pass underneath the Park Tce bridge, linking to the Torrens Linear Park and to War Memorial Drive.

The future crossing of Park Tce will not be a dedicated shared path bridge to be built as part of the Bowden project, but a shared path underneath the road located in the railway's new trench being built for the Torrens Junction Grade Separation project. 

The rail bridge over South Road is starting to take shape, the first span was lifted into place today.

There is still no update on when the shared path attached to the rail bridge will actually open, the DPTI website still says early 2018 as it has for quite a while now.

The rail bridge is progressing nicely, rode around the site today.

From McInnes St.

No more ground level crossing.

From the Elizabeth St level crossing.

It is interesting to note that the traffic lights at the Park Terrace level crossing (which has the parallel pedestrian crossing) have been completely switched off for the duration of the works.

I wonder if DPTI engineers are taking the opportunity to trial different combinations of signalling cycles at the adjacent intersections in preparation for the complete removal of the lights once the at-grade railway and pedestrian crossings are replaced by the trench?

Not sure if signalling cycles are high on the list of priorities for DPTI just yet. I did note that the Grange line rail junction is being rebuilt as well as some track work being done near Port Adelaide. This is just a good opportunity to do a whole bunch of hardware upgrades all at once.

There's quite a big list of what's going on to take advantage of the closure for the bridge. The span replacement on the Port River bridge (the low level bridge leading to Ethelton, not the new standard gauge opening bridge used by freight) was the most interesting process to watch.

  • a $4 million upgrade of the Port River Rail Bridge (originally built in 1910), replacing the existing steel bridge spans with 20 spans made from Australian steel, which is expected to extend the life of the bridge by approximately 75 years
  • replacement of track on the Grange line between Woodville station and Port Road
  • essential maintenance works on rail level crossings at 
    • Harris Street, Exeter
    • Hargrave Street, Birkenhead
    • Gedville Road, Taperoo
  • station upgrades at 
    • Grange
    • Taperoo
    • Peterhead
    • Ethelton
    • Cheltenham
    • Croydon
    • West Croydon
    • as well as continuation of upgrade works at Albert Park
  • early works for the Torrens Junction rail project
  • signal and power cable replacement at various locations
  • vegetation and weed control activities
  • switch timber replacements at Glanville Station
  • Railcare art works at a number of locations
  • essential preventative maintenance and inspection activities.

The T2T rail bridge is now in operation and has been carrying passenger traffic for a week now.

DPTI have said the shared path on the rail bridge and approaches should be completed around May. The project person I spoke to didn't have the information on the gradient of the approach ramps at hand, but she did expect they would be steeper than the railway (maximum gradient of 1:40) so they could land closer to South Road.

Further news, the Greenway is being built along the rail corridor, including a new shared bridge over Chief St. Link.

BISA, PortBUG and maybe reps from Westside BUG will meet with project staff this coming week for an update. I'll try to post more information asap.



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