Did I see Obikes on my way through town today?

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Sydney now has 3 bike sharing schemes: Reddy Go, oBike and ofo

To Daniel, Equal2Lance2 & Ian

Adelaide Airport also has secure bicycle parking.
Undercover bike cage, 24 hr, Metrocard fee, max 2 weeks.
When I last liaised with the airport management about installing bicycle facilities (ages ago), they were installing wayfinding signs.
http://www.adelaideairport.com.au ... Parking & Transport ... Bicycle ... view map of Bicycle Assembly and Service Area Map 

Thank Adl BUG that Adl Airport requested special manufacture of the big lockers, large enough to leave a boxed / bagged bike overnight. Can make for easier passenger trip to the airport pre-dawn. Management said a high occupancy rate, but unknown if bicycles or multiple bags for a group. Management was considering installing more than the original 2 lockers – I have not checked this. So if stowing a boxed bike in a locker, suggest doing so in the day rather than late night.

The bike cage had plenty of spare spaces.

Thank you for that information, I had no idea they had a bike cage there. I may well give that a try!
Ofo, and Obikes rollout has resulted in the Adelaide City Council diverting $1,000,000 back into bicycling infrastructure from a fund set aside for bikeshare. I think this is pretty good news. It would be great to see Adelaide people respect these bikes more than interstaters, and I would encourage anyone who sees them parked in a funny spot to just take a moment and move it to a more sensible spot nearby.

Great news Will!

Also sensible request as to being pro-active when those bikes are left in undesirable locations. Can do! Certainly have spotted a few of late the most recent just today out front of the St Morris Maccas.

haven't seen any in really weird places in ACC, although there was one on the footbridge at the exit to the Oval (you'd think they would park it at the Oval, or the other end of the bridge, but it was almost on the viewing platform above the waterfall). A few weeks ago there was one outside the Festival Dr rowing club houses. There's one in Rosina St that has a damaged rear wheel guard and the lock also seems damaged, been there a few days. Coming out of the city recently there were quite a few parked at the Victoria Drive foot bridge, and a few young blokes (students) were having a go on them, it looked and sounded as if they were teaching on of them to ride a bike (another bike rider is a good thing).

It'd be interesting to know if any are in the river yet, or the parklands?

I’ve seen one in the parklands right on the edge with green hill road. Looked like someone was taking the geofence very seriously!

There was one that made it along George Street Parkside (about 200m south of Greenhill Road). It stayed there for quite a few days. Not sure if it is still there or not. 

ACC to implement new guidelines for share bikes (nothing out of the ordinary in those guidelines for a local government permit approval). Overall, ACC seem content enough to continue.


"Share bike bubble claims first big casualty as Bluegogo reportedly ..."
Kirsty Needham
The Sydney Morning Herald

has this interesting paragraph

In September, Beijing capped the number of new bikes allowed on the streets when they reached 2.3 million, and introduced new rules requiring them to be maintained. The new regulations also required share bike companies to insure riders, and safeguard their deposits in banks.

which might give the ACC and SA Government ideas about protections which may be needed in Adelaide and which these firms already accept in China.

To my knowledge, any business that holds money from a customer, as a bond, or whatever they choose to call a fee that, by the general terms & conditions of the business, will be refunded at some time in the future, must be held in a third party account (not sure in Australia, but in European countries, the interests paid on those holdings -especially rental bonds- are also paid to the customer).

Insurance is another one of those contentious issues. IMO it is often those who oppose of a certain practice, that preach for additional regulations such as insurance. The Luddites we see across social media that oppose cycling and therefore demand compulsory registration and insurance are such an example. The fitness industry is another one of those areas where people often expect the business to have insurance for clients' injuries. Businesses do not require insurance for injuries that may be cause by the clients themselves. They do have to have TPC insurance to cover incidences where the business may be deemed liable for an injury or loss to the client. An example I can think of would be a client falls due to loosing their balance & momentum from a chain braking, where it could be proven that such damage is caused by insufficient maintenance. In a fitness setting, insurance would be required where a client trips and subsequently falls because there is a flow problem to the belt of a treadmill due to poor maintenance, but not if a client drops a dumbell on their toes. In that case, or if a client of a share bike scheme falls because they are drunk, the client would have and be reliable on their own personal injury insurance. Often, businesses with good customer service practices will provide a middle ground solution where the damages and medical fees or clients are covered by a combination of personal injury & Third Party insurance. I doubt it would stand up in court that a business provider would be held responsible for the wrong actions of the client, with the business' equipment. It would be like suing Bunnings because they rented out a chainsaw that then was used in a road rage incident. It is unfortunate that share bikes are being left on tactile road signage. But I'm sure that happens all the time, by cars, taxis & trucks, and it is only now because Australia is so adverse to cycling that a problem is being made of it.

So ADL has scope to expand on the number of share bikes, having yet reached 2.3 million units.... :-)


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