PortBUG recently met with representatives of DPTI & the Torrens2Torrens & Torrens Junction Projects. Their message was that the OH Greenway between The Port & the Adelaide CBD will be open by Christmas, completing the Greenway link from Queens Street, Croydon through to the Parklands Bike Network.

The PortBUG will seek a formal opening ceremony – hopefully to coincide with the start of the 2018 TDU! Maybe a giant TDU/Greenway ‘Breakfast Celebration & Ride’?

More details here.

Sam, PortBUG.

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Which Christmas?

(Incidentally, the article referenced mentions the new Bowden Station as being similar to the Wayville Station.  The "Wayville Railway Station" is a location along the Glenelg tramline. (Railway closed as a railway in April(?) 1929)  I think the reference should be to the Adelaide Showgrounds Station at Keswick (which station is very close to the location of the original (pre-1911) Keswick Railway Station.)

Very probably correct David - I was quoting the DPTI rep. 'Wayville' may well be DPTI-speak for the Adelaide Showgrounds Station! The Christmas referred to is 20 weeks away. My superannuated noggin won't cope with another year thinking about this bike route!

Wayville was the working name used by DPTI in the early stages of the project, when there were four options for the name of the new station (Wayville, Keswick, Showground Central, Adelaide Showground) and the final decision had not yet been made.

That DPTI rep was probably quoting from documents which had somehow not been updated to reflect the final decision. 

If you want to get an idea of how access around the new Bowden Railway Station will work, Adelaide Showground is not really the best example to have a look at. Bowden will basically be a copy of Seaford minus the bus interchange, take a trip down south to check it out. 

Well it doesn't look too difficult to finish the western approaches, view from West St:

View from Coglin St:

View from Day Tce:

It looks like less than 3 metres to ground level, shouldn't take much of a ramp to do that.

In the meanwhile a new foot bridge over the South Rd excavation, adjacent to Paget St, has made east-west cycle travel a little easier.


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