Spotted on a sign near the Glen Osmond tollgate this morning:

"No Bicycle Riding as per Australian Road Rules".

Any ideas what this means?

Here are a few: "You are not permitted to obey the Australian Road Rules" or "The Australian Road Rules prohibit cycling". It's a bit troubling that someone can get an official sign made and installed displaying such ambiguous nonsense.

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Isn't it on Gill Tce outside the Tollgate Motel? I guess it's meant to mean that you cannot cycle on the footpath that heads down the Princess Hwy. Maybe this is why there aren't lots of cyclists run over crossing the six lanes of traffic on Princess Hwy when coming down the cycle track? Lots of cyclists maybe choose to go down the footpath rather than cross the Hwy? Maybe it is a private sign erected by the owners of the Tollgate Motel? Maybe it should say "No cycling on footpath - if you are over 12 years - per ARR". If its official and the police are going to ensure cyclists walk across six lanes of traffic pushing bikes then the outcome should be predictable. Especially when less aggressive/fast cyclists have to mix it with left turning traffic heading down the Hwy towards the traffic lights.

I haven't specifically noticed that sign as I have passed by, but it looks like it refers to the footpath. Probably aimed at people riding down from the end of the cycleway and bowling over patrons of the Noisy Inn Here.

I wonder what the road rules say about obstructing roads and footpaths with unauthorized signage?

Just another unauthorized no bike sign in that area.

Well advocate for this section of footpath to be turned into a shared path for the obvious safety of cyclists. See my post below. That would upset installation of non-authorised road signs.

Is there a road rule that says "its OK to take a safer option" eg riding on a footpath, turning left on a red light?  I'd take the ticket & chance myself with the Magistrate or pay the fine knowing my family prefer me alive than injured/dead.

Agreed - base of the freeway is ridiculous - especially on the down-track - trying to get across 6 lanes of traffic is just asking for someone to get hurt, and its one of those things that once a husband/wife or father/mother is killed trying to get across, suddenly everyone will be asking why it wasnt made safer...

Carlos, not well-known but in SA an adult cyclist carrying a suitable medical certificate may legally cycle on the footpath. Still trying to work out if it is legal for an adult parent / guardian to cycle with child on the footpath.

I went to Austroads 1999 (do not have the updated version) where Sing Number R6-10-3 is a Bicycle Prohibition Sign that is a bicycle symbol with a circle around it and the diagonal line. I do not know if there is a legal Australian Standards sign with the words as shown in the photo.

It is ridiculous that the footpath in that area has not been made a shared path for a short section. If I cycled in that area, I would be approaching authorities. A while ago there was an AC post when a truck ran over a bicycle there. One cyclist complained about in theory having to cross many lanes of busy road with heavy vehicles. I tried to encourage him to agitate for the footpath to become a shared path. I successfully did this for a short section of Fitzroy Terrace footpath (behind the mounds) for cyclists wanting to link up the shared path in the parkland, the bicycle passageway and bicycle lanes in bikedirect Braund Road. Given you an example where in similar circumstances, DPTI approved a shared path. Contact me if you want email addresses.

An AC link to 'bad accident at the tollgate freeway 5pm today Friday 8-Dec-2011.

The rules about cycling on footpaths can be seen at the ARR (SA version) Rule 239 and 252. Permitted signs are to be found in Schedule 2 and older signs found in Schedule 3. I could not find the sign in the photo above in the list of permitted signs.

Cycling and the Law informs that those with an appropriate medical exemption OR if accompanying a child under 12 years of age are allowed to ride on the footpath. Neither of these exemptions apply if there is an legal 'no bicycles' sign applying to that section of the footpath.

It is permitted to walk with the bike on the footpath (as you re no longer a rider see ARR Rule 17(2) ).

HI Big Block,

Cycling and the Law informs that those with an appropriate medical exemption OR if accompanying a child under 12 years of age are allowed to ride on the footpath.

Having just read your comment, and thought that it differed to my understanding of the C&TL handbook I went back to review it and CANNOT find the section that you claim in the above text. (i have underlined it)

Adults do not have exemption to accompany their child who is not 'more than 12 years old' on a foot path.

If you are more than 12 years old and have a disability or
medical condition, you may be permitted to ride your bicycle
on the footpath and across pedestrian crossings if you obtain a
certificate from your doctor. You must be named in the Certificate
of Exemption and it would need to say that you should be
permitted to ride on the footpath and across pedestrian crossings
due to your disability or other medical condition. The Certificate
of Exemption must be carried whilst riding and it can be valid
indefinitely or for a period specified by your doctor.

(copied and Pasted from the booklet)

Hey, I dont agree with it, but that's the law, and I don't want people getting the wrong 'rules' from AC)


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