I've had a number of requests over recent months to run a poll. I think this is a good idea especially when there are some hot button topics.

So with thanks to Trak Cycles Norwood I've added a poll function. My plan is to start polls on Mondays and close on Sundays. The results are available as it progresses.

The topics might be some fun stuff or might be a serious way of getting a community opinion. 

I am more than happy to take poll question requests. Drop me an email.

The poll page is under the members menu and I'll set up something in the banner or a button so you can get to it easily. The poll is a simple pick and vote one so no logging in, it's anonymous and no details are captured.


So this weeks hot button topic is 

How hot is too hot to ride? (click to vote)

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Great initiative Angus. (Thanks also to Trak Norwood).


On the subject of when is it too hot to ride fyi Gawler Wheelers have recently formulated a hot weather policy (safety driven). Link to it for those who may be interested:


last i knew bicycle sa had a hot weather policy, with the max temp lower than gw's 37.

it can be too hot for group rides but ok to cycle at a slower speed to work or similar. when my car was off the road, i cycled from noarlunga railway station to willunga to view tdu, when max for the day was 44 degrees. many cyclists there. the pro cyclists were expected to cycle at top speed for over 100km, including hills.

the BikeSA Policy is set out on p2 of each Rides Program

Hot Weather Policy
Cancel non–fee paying rides, as listed in the Rides Programme, if
the official forecast temperature on the day is 35°C or greater. Early
morning and evening rides shall occur at the ride leaders and/or
coordinators discretion. The hot weather policy does not apply to
fee–paying events, which are managed within their own risk
management protocols.

Sorry, can't vote - the options don't go low enough, you didn't include a beer option and the poll lacks the compulsory 'none of the above' option.


No, I'm not being hard to get on with ... well, maybe a little ... but only a wee bit ... and it was justified ... maybe ... sort of ... almost

Now, where'd I leave that glass of whisky?

45 is getting pretty hot but 40 isn't too bad

Even in stinking hot weather I'd rather be on my bike than in a hotter, stinkier tin lid, which uses more fuel to run the aircon. At least when you ride you get free aircon (wind rushing past you as you ride), as long as you are protected from the sun's ray's and don't get burnt. :-)

I can understand the need for organizations to have policies regarding the heat but I think there is also a sound argument for making sensible decisions at a purely personal level and this will vary for each person ….. mind you …. I think I’d put my maximum just below 40 degrees.

For me, there is a balance between the right speed where the body heat and perspiration generated by the exertion is off set by the cooling effect of the airflow – moderated by wearing full cover sports clothing and having lots of electrolyte fluids on hand.


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