I'm about to start building a new polo bike.

I have a track frame (very little use too) fitted with a road fork so hopefully that'll ease any toe overlap issues. I don't have a track fork so that's not an option anyway.

I have a brand new set of G6000 wheels bought at a ridiculously low price off ebay ($60 including shipping) with the added advantage that they're a ghastly, flouresent blue that should scare the opposition enough to give me a shot at goals.

I've a crankset on the track frame already (it's served some time on the track) which leads into the traditional chainring hunt.

I'll need to buy some risers.


I'll need tyres - what am I looking for here? Lots of meat obviously (I ride fixed and skid a lot on the court), for the rear anyway. Cheap sounds good too, though I'm guessing that cheap on the front isn't a good move when the court gets wet (I'm already washing out the front wheel on the Road Chief so some grip up front would be good).


What sized tyres?

Is fatter better?

Can I go larger than 28mm on those rims and if I do, will there be any advantage (there's room on the frame)?

A pair of Randonneurs for long life and water clearance during wet matches?


She'll be getting a dual pivot brake caliper on the back, hopefully one of those I've got now. Those that have gasped in horror at the ugly lever I'm using on the Road Chief will be shattered to know that I have the RH lever of that set and am thinking of just turning it upside down to go on the LH side of the new bike.

But, if I need to buy a lever, what do I ask for? I've used V-brake levers and they were ... um ... aweful.


Anyways, thems the plans. Yes, it'll be a little flash and won't be  your typical, cheap beater, but I'm happy with that choice. The bike was originally built a few years back so the lad and I could go track racing during the off season for his soccer (I was riding the Road Chief). However, pre-season starts so early for him now (November this year), that the track bikes have spent the last three years just sitting in the shed doing nothing. The Road Chief has taught me that I enjoy this foolishness and that style of bike seems to suit me, hence my decision to use the other bike and pass the Road Chief onto my son - he enjoys the bike polo but his first love is soccer and polo is just something fun to do when his old dad drags him out to it.


And yes, I enjoy building things and building them 'nicely' so this plan is a nice fit for me too, even if it's probably not the traditional route.


In the meantime, I have the Aerohead wheelset that's coming off the track bike - silver, non machined sidewalls. Too nice to just hang in the shed so if someone wants to make an offer ...



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How are ya mate?


I have some riser bars and some odd stems and such if you're keen. Free to good home. Silver or black.


I'd actually not recommend the Randonneur that highly. They don't seem to last much better than cheap tyres. Certainly not better enough to justify the price, if that makes sense. Something like a Maxxis Refuse at $15 a pop is much better. Three of them will most likely outlast a rando and cost a lot less, even with tubes going bang.


I reckon fatter is better as well. You get more meat on your tyre for the same money. In the same way that my skinny frame subsidises the cost of fat dude's t-shirts. We pay the same price.


It's likely that the frame will limit the size of your tyre before the rim does. 28c may well be the largest that'll fit between the dropouts.


If you do need to buy a new lever, you're probably looking for a flat bar road lever or cantilever brake lever. The right actuation ratio for cantilever or caliper brakes. I have one of those for you as well. I reckon that it's worth $15. It's black and it works.


How much do you want for the Aeroheads?

Ah ha, that all sounds good. Thanks mate.


Refuse for $15? Where are you getting them from? I'm intrigued that the Randonneur don't last longer  - they've got more meat so you'd think that means there's more to wear off.


I'm pretty sure I can fit wider tyres than 28 thanks to the road forks on the front though even the rear has plenty of room. Mind you, she's wearing  21mm tyres at the moment so I might be in for some shocks.


The Aeroheads? How about I bring them out to your place, buy your bits and we decide between us what the Aeroheads are worth (that means I'm rubbish at putting prices on things).

Cell Bikes sell a lot of Maxxis tyres. They have the Refuse for $25 kevlar bead and $20 wire bead. They often have one or both on special for $15 though! Still they're only 23c.


They also have Schwalbe Marathon Plus, which Tom rates very highly for $59: Still seems a bit spendy but apparently they do last well and come up to 38c: http://www.cellbikes.com.au/p_2084___MARATHON_PLUS_BIKE_TYRE__The_B...


I might have to have a think about those Aeroheads - I might need a machined side wall. I'm really looking for some light rims for my 'touring' fixie and given the number of hill in the MCCT it might be best to run 2 brakes...


We're playing polo tonight if you're keen? Let me know and I'll bring some bits and pieces for you. Or maybe Sunday.

I've got a dinner tonight so polo's out dammit, otherwise I'd be there. I'll be coming out sunday and will bring the wheels - maybe someone else will want them. Please bring the bits.


I  understand about the machined sidewalls - I did consider these for the Europa but as she's going to become my wet weather bike, I thought not.


MidSeason wk20 - 120x600

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