I'm looking at getting some new MTB 'Slick' Tyres - 26" x 2.0" (ish).  All my commute is on roads/good bike tracks.

My main priority is puncture resistance.  I'm currently using Bontrager Comfort 26" x 1.95".

Price is not a big issue.

Many thanks


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Michelin City's for my hybrid. Never an issue.

Wow, lots of new options I hadn't heard of.

Thanks - but your not making this easier!



Check out the evolution tires from the complete cycle. 70% road 30% off road. $30 each. excellent tires from what hear
Maxis Hookworms, haven't had a puncture ever (touch wood). They are big though 2.5, they are super sticky and bullet proof. I use them on my single speed commuter.
Specialized Armadillos or Nimbus or whatever they are called now. 6 years and still going strong.

I've just bought a pair of Geax Evolution for my MTB. They take 65 psi and have a thin, hard strip in the centre. I'm pretty happy with them so far.

The sidewalls on my Geax Evo rear went long before the tread wore out, so I am trying the Scwalbes instead. I quite liked the Geax while it lasted.

Sidewalls do seem weirdly thin and look very wrinkly when deflated. I think you do need to run a higher pressure with these so they don't flex. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. 

My mate has these and said it transformed his riding

Thanks again to all the replies.

I'm not really keen on the 'slime'.  I've used it before and I haven't found it effective against glass - but it makes a hell of  a mess!  It could be user error.

I am looking though the various suggestions and comparing prices and general internet 'talk' (trying to filter out the astroturfing) so again thanks for the suggestions.

I'm currently leaning towards these: Marathon Dureme Tandem, they are designed for the heavier weight, hight puncture protection and the tred looks good.  I haven't priced it in Adelaide, but it seems to be around the $60-$70 mark.

Of course I may well change my mind...



MidSeason wk20 - 120x600

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