This book below sounds really good for geeky cyclists like me, anyone read it yet?

21 Nights in July
The Physics and Metaphysics of Cycling

Ostensibly a book about how amazing cycling is, 21 Nights In July is one nerd's attempt to counteract the psychological damage of the modern age by riding all day and staying up late watching the Tour de France.

Covering everything from urban planning, queer theory, masculine privilege, the mythology of sport, obscure European bike punk bands, Roland Barthes, gear ratio choices and how to crash and land on your face, 21 Nights in July is the thinking cyclist's critique of everything that sucks about the post-industrial world, and everything amazing about riding bikes.

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Great book, reading it right now! Catalyst of so many of my own ideas and written with a great dry sense of humour ! Comes highly recommended, 4 stars!!
Wow, you read it already Amanda! I am choosing to just enjoy 1 or 2 chapters each evening.

I can certainly commend the New Internationalist for quick postage & handling - I ordered it on the web and it arrived at my door within 2-3 days, awesome compared to the usual 1 month+ with Amazon!

So far I'm really enjoying the book - Ianto has a good sense of humour as well as going into all these big ideas. I could differ with him on a few things he says about urban planning but that's a minor quibble.

It's also made me want to get the songs of the bike punk bands he mentions like Fear of a Bike Planet - hope they're on MP3 somewhere on the net.


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