Now I know what the new posts are for. Cycle route signs being added for North Parkland through to and across Regency Road. Is this all we get for the Braund Boulevard planned to roll out a year ago. Signs are good, but the car traffic calming infrastructure that was planned would be good first up. I will cycle on in hope of road treatments to follow. We still need a safer crossing to the Parkland from the South end of Braund.

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Daniel, local residents were tired of the excess vehicle speeds, volumes and crashes on Braund Rd. Also unpleasant tending to crash victims until ambulances arrived, and cleaning up after property damage to fences and buildings.
A majority of Braund Rd residents signed a petition requesting traffic calming. When Prospect Council conducted a survey, a majority of Braund Rd residents asked for some road closures (like Unley, or a Thebarton St parallel to Port and South roads).
Multiple Prospect Council reports identified the traffic issues. But politics got in the way, and no physical traffic calming.
In 2014 another report identified speeding (22 to 45%, depending on location). The state govt offered to fund traffic calming of the council street and pending boulevard. I was the only Prospect cyclist in the stakeholders group. We were told that road closures were off the agenda.

Today I rode the length of Braund Rd to check the new signs.
Installation is varied, e.g. stobie pole, new dedicated post, single signs, and 'back-to-back' signs when half of the signs on the 'wrong' side of the road.
I found one sign location could be improved, i.e. when riding south, the sign should be before / north of Myrtle Street, rather than south and 'back-to-back with another sign. Currently the sign directs some cyclists east or west along Rose St. Rather than east along bikedirect Myrtle St to connect with bikedirect Kintore Av, or west along bikedirect Myrtle St to connect with bikedirect Belford Av.
I would appreciate if others checked the signs for any anomalies that I missed.

Am yet to check signs in bikedirect Devonport Tce / Devonport Bikeway / Gawler Greenway.

So I've had the occasion to ride down the Braund bike boulevard a few times in the last month. First of all, I have to say it is a huge improvement over what was there. Largely this is due to the new crossing of Fitzroy Tce, which really drew my attention to the bikeway and has given me a new entry point to Prospect coming from the city (I ride along Morphett, up the hill past the back of the oval, and down Jeffcott to the Aquatic Centre). No, it's not perfect, but I can guarantee I wouldn't use Braund Rd at all if it wasn't there!

Next is the part of the bikeway to the North. I grew up in Prospect but I am not so familiar with the Northern part, so it was good to have signs directing me through the streets from where Braund Rd ends on Beatrice to Regency Rd.

Overall, it is a very good start. I can't wait to see what the raised intersection upgrades bring!

As a further comment, I’ve now had the chance to ride over the new raised intersections installed last month.
Unfortunately, the term ‘raised’ is being generous. The height change and slope are of the shallowness that I’m sure I would have enjoyed zooming over them in the sports car I used to own. Certainly, they did not appear to slow down whatsoever a couple of SUVs that drove by as I watched- these are the types of cars that are unfortunately extremely common around schools, and the intersections should have been designed accordingly.

Interestingly, someone had scrawled ‘WASTE’ over the centre of two of the intersections with white spray paint.

I love the intention behind these intersections, but I am unfortunately a little disappointed with the reality. I will have to drive over them myself to confirm.

Daniel, agree.

I think the only aspect that might slow vehicles at these 'raised intersections' is the colour change, red thermoplastic against grey asphalt. Red bricks with noisy rumble could be more effective.

As coordinator of Prospect BUG, I was the only resident-cyclist in the stakeholders group that considered traffic calming. Road closures were off the agenda, although the majority of Braund Rd residents voted for road closures in 2000. In most places mini-roundabouts would not fit in the narrow road, and hazardous for children cycling to nearby schools. Told that raised intersections would slow traffic more than roundabouts, so I was expecting a different profile.

It's a real shame, because I am not surprised that residents wouldn't mind road closures. It would be non-residents, i.e. people using Brand as a rat-run, that would kick up the most fuss I would imagine.

Thank you for championing the cause in any case! Since you were the only one there, if you had done nothing I am sure what little we have would have been even worse.

Daniel, spot on. In 2000 the rat-runners successfully lobbied Prospect Council to give lower priority to the Braund Rd resident vote. Perhaps easy when the council included elected members who did not live on Braund Rd but drove it frequently. Referring to a traffic study current at the time, there were 26 vehicle movements per day per household. That equates to rat-running.


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