Now I know what the new posts are for. Cycle route signs being added for North Parkland through to and across Regency Road. Is this all we get for the Braund Boulevard planned to roll out a year ago. Signs are good, but the car traffic calming infrastructure that was planned would be good first up. I will cycle on in hope of road treatments to follow. We still need a safer crossing to the Parkland from the South end of Braund.

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Still, good signage is important. That sign is much better than anything I've seen on my routes on the south of the city. Even the Mike Turtur bikeway is pretty poorly signposted in places.

Looking at that photo, I'd say a decent bike lane, away from the "door zone", is more important than traffic calming. I don't mind cars passing me at 50, so long as I'm in a safe bicycle lane.

If there are parked cars, it's not the safest and I'd rather take the lane.

The key to bicycle boulevards is lower speeds and limiting traffic by blocking the route for motor vehicles using it as a through route.

The Prospect Mayor David O’Loughlin stood as a candidate during state govt elections when Labor promised a Braund Bikeway.
Installation of traffic calming was supposed to start before this financial year.
Now some direction signage without the proposed sharrow markings, or raised platforms at eight intersections.

We also have the naming of the Devonport Bikeway along the railway following Devonport Terrace. I think it is good to have the signage. I'm not sure if it is clear where to go after crossing at the Torrens Road end. Perhaps some more signs or sharrows will follow to guide to Parklands trails.

I take it the signage has been funded by Prospect council and not DPTI ?

David, perhaps you could contact Prospect Council to ask if council installed the direction signs, and when the bikeway will be completed.

Peter, how well do you know Braund Road? Most is too narrow for bicycle lanes. The southern end is wider, and facilitated installing a section of bicycle lane, but within the car dooring zone.

Multiple council reports over the years have identified excess traffic volumes, speeds and collisions.
The most recent traffic studies in years 2013 and 2014 found that 22% to 46% of vehicles exceeded the speed limit, depending on which of eight locations.
Unacceptable for a street used by students of three local schools, a bikedirect route, or a bikeway without the promised traffic calming.

Prospect Council policies have encouraged more rat-runners in Braund Road. The council appears to be more interested in state govt arterial roads, rather than its own local govt street. For example, council sought approval from the state govt to narrow the parallel arterial roads of Prospect and Churchill Roads from four lanes to two. Then council persuaded the state govt to lower the Prospect Road speed limit to 50 km/h, and later 40 km/h.

During morning peak-hour, observe at the northern T-junction of Braund Road and Beatrice Street. Watch cars travel down the hill from Prospect Road, and up the hill from Churchill Road, before both traffic streams turn into Braund Road. Obvious that arterial traffic diverts into this residential street. Thus rat-running in two bikedirect routes of Braund Road and Beatrice Street.

I've ridden along Braund Rd exactly once - not to be negative (dang it but it is) I didn't like it. Too narrow I thought.

I rode northwards along Braund Rd last week around 11am, thought it was OK. Probably much less traffic around then.

David, thanks for raising again the need for a safe cyclist and pedestrian crossing.

Below is an extract from Prospect BUG Jan-2015 submission to DPTI re its plan to upgrade Park Terrace, Fitzroy Terrace and Torrens Road. The upgrade added another traffic lane to Fitzroy Terrace (now 6 lanes) and increased traffic (47,400 AADTE at Sep-2015

Crossing Fitzroy Terrace
Cyclists and pedestrians need safe crossing of Fitzroy Terrace to safely access the parklands, Adelaide Aquatic Centre, North Adelaide businesses and the CBD. There are multiple traffic lanes used by many vehicles (45,000 vpd) and the peak time spread over several hours.
It is hazardous to cross while drivers ignore road rules:
• Obstructing a bicycle-pedestrian passageway. Breach of ARR reg 198. Drivers stop mid-block due to red lights at the next intersection. Vehicles come to staggered halt, lane by lane, leaving cyclists only seconds to cross before a lane of vehicles starts moving again. Cyclists need the bicycle passageway to be clear to dash straight across, rather than weave around staggered vehicles and risk being stranded between lanes of moving vehicles. I know of parents with children or babies in strollers who are understandably scared of using this pedestrian passageway. I asked authorities to paint ‘keep clear’ to remind drivers not to breach ARR reg 198, for the safety of cyclists and pedestrians, but this was vetoed. However, there are examples in Adelaide where painted ‘keep clear’ facilitates vehicles and drivers.
• Left indicator on while moving right one or two lanes after entering Fitzroy Terrace from Torrens Roads. Breach of ARR regs 46 and 48. Makes it hard for cyclists to predict when to start crossing during busy peak times when few breaks in traffic.

In 1996 Transport budgeted for an actuated bicycle-pedestrian crossing with lights, but not installed because “cannot slow the traffic”. Cyclist-pedestrian lights have some disadvantages:
• Pedestrians and cyclists waiting for green-phase while many vehicles get priority.
• Cyclists erroneously blamed for ‘holding up the traffic’ and thus increasing aggro.
• Vehicles not giving way to pedestrians who have a green walk signal.
• Pedestrian lights could facilitate vehicle movements into Braund Road and encourage more rat-runners into this residential street, bikedirect route and pending bicycle boulevard.
Now Transport talks of “strengthening the ring route” which would be compromised by pedestrian lights. So instead pedestrian and cyclist safety are compromised. A preferable safe crossing would be a well designed tunnel (wide, straight and lit) or a pedestrian bridge as per government plan for crossing Park Terrace at Bowden.

David, can you please take and post photos of where southern Braund Rd meets Fitzroy Terrace?

Recently Transport made the pedestrian-bicycle passageway more hazardous.
In the verge, short grasses were planted to the right of drivers, but tall shrubs to the right of cyclists. Authorities recognise drivers need to see approaching traffic, but not vulnerable cyclists. Also difficult to see between the shrubs and a light pole. It will become worse as the shrubs grow and increase in girth.

I rode through there today and used the Prospect Rd pedestrian crossing. There seems to be a new shared path on both sides of Fitzroy Tce allowing easy travel to this crossing. Would add a few minutes to your commute and reduce your risk at mid block.

Jilden, can ride west, then south to cross Fitzroy Tce, to Jeffcott Rd where the kerbside lanes are too narrow for safe cycling. Need a safe crossing to access the shared path through the parklands, as well as the Adelaide Aquatic Centre.


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