Is it just me or are there more motorbikes on Norton Summit road lately?

I've been riding that road on and off for 15 years and could probably count on one hand the number of moto's that I remember seeing. In the last few weeks I've probably seen about 10. I usually see them up the Gorge or the Old Freeway all the time but not Norton.....

Hopefully the rev heads haven't realised that there is a nice piece of relatively quiet bitumen in the Adelaide hills.

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Maybe they are tired from getting "pinged" of the police along Gorge road and trying different course hence Norton Summit, I could be wrong

nar the road is too bumpy for most motos...loads of better ones to choose from...!

But there is definitely a crackdown on speed on Gorge Rd, especially past the dam.

Correct,  there are more, and i suspect you are correct on the reason.

2 places at Lobethal they go to - motor cycle cafe (new) and hotel.

Interesting observation...I was up there last Saturday and a MB passed so close to me that I swear his arm grazed mine! 

I was not happy :-(

Oh we know about it but most prefer Old Norton Summit Rd to the new one.


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