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My wife and I are keen to get a Mitcham BUG group going. If anyone lives or rides within Mitcham Council and is interested in joining to highlight the needs of cyclists to local or state government, please join the Mitcham BUG group page.

I've also started a facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/556359878092072/ if people prefer to use that platform.

At this stage we're planning on gauging response and we'll go from there.


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Absolutely. I was actually thinking of a Mitcham and Hills BUG, but a much better solution is me supporting someone else organising it.

Hi Keith, Katie chair of the bicycle institute of SA here. So excited to see you starting a BUG! We are in the process of developing a set of tools to help people starting up. At this stage I have a paper from Port BUG on their structure and focus. Still waiting for info from West Side BUG who runs differently and successfully using an FB group. I will try to attach the doc here for your reference and otherwise do you have an email? We are working with a new Marion BUG, also interest from Mount Gambier, Campbelltown and Salisbury. Setting%20up%20a%20BUG%20Tips%20from%20Port%20BUG.pdf

Now is an excellent time to introduce yourself to council and start talking about cycling initiatives for the next budget.

If there is anything The Bicycle Institute of SA can help with please let us know. I am also happy to catch up and chat. My email is katie.gilfillan@bisa.asn.au and mobile 0416294134

Good on you for getting this going. If you write something up I am happy to email it out to our members in the Mitcham area calling for them to join you too.



Hi Katie, thanks for the information. Its good to see other groups forming too! At this stage I'm aiming to build numbers and work out the best ways to get some discussion under way. The timing is  indeed good with elections coming up and Keith has already made some contact with Council which is great.

It would be great to use your network at the bicycle instituet to reach some more potential members - I will draft something up and send it through. Thanks.

I will set up a dedicated email address for the group - mitcham_bug@adam.com.au , but in the meantime facebook or this website are good ways to contact us for the moment.

Burley, A really good way to start is to just 'make a list' - especially in the absence of goals in a current bike plan! That is, a list of issues, maybe sorted into major/less major & urgent/short/medium/long term etc. It's something you could easily start on-line via a f/b group as Marion and Salisbury BUGs have done and continue to do...

Katie, re forming a new BUG

I coordinate a community-based BUG. Recently the new coordinator of a work-based BUG asked me for hints. My response included that there would be differences. For example, Adelaide BUG advocated re Frome Bikeway, but an ACC council BUG might concentrate on bicycle and cyclist facilities at the workplace.

Some (not all) SA work-based BUGs are listed at https://www.bicycleinstitutesa.com/bugs
Will any contribute to this discussion, either a post on AC forum or email to BISA?

Great initiative. As a resident of Eden Hills, I've been cycling in and around the Mitcham Hills for over 20 years and regularly commute down to the Plains via Shepherds Hill Rd, South Rd, Daws Rd, Winston Ave, East Ave then via the Bikeway to the City. I know that route very well and it's been two steps forward, one step back over the years. I can't promise to attend meetings, but would be keen to help where I can. cheers, Mark Parnell MLC, Greens SA. parnell[at]parliament.sa.gov.au

Thanks Mark. Appreciate the offer of your assistance. Once we get a bit more organised we'll be in touch. Cheers


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