Just heard on the radio and gone to DPTI Facebook to see the following:

UPDATE 9.25am:
Around 7am, Traffic Management Centre received reports of debris falling from the South Road tram overpass.
Initial inspection showed debris falling from the bike path attached to the tram overpass.
In the interests of public safety, tram services were stopped in the area.
A structural engineer was called to inspect the site, and an independent bridge expert will also be consulted.
Until we are satisfied that passengers, cyclists and motorists are safe, South Road has been closed between Cross Road and Anzac Highway and police are on site.
Trams are currently running Glenelg to Stop 8, and Entertainment Centre to South Terrace. Substitute bus services are running in place of trams. The Mike Turtur Bikeway is also closed at South Road.
We will provide updates as soon possible

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Yeah all it needs is a couple of stylishly painted heavy steel poles underneath the sections that have tipped to provide a "third leg" to stop it rolling over again. Can't see how this is going to cost millions of dollars? A few new foundations, two big sections of pole, a lick of paint and some extra-large bolts. Easy peasy ;-)

Hopefully they can also fix the crappy drainage system on the walking/cycling surface while they are at it....theres one section that almost never dries out.

It only needs to be a temporary fix and need not be elaborate, because the whole overpass will need to be replaced when the next sector of the North-South Motorway gets built from Tonsley Boulevard to Anzac Highway.

I came across a photo taken at the official opening of the cycle bridge on Friday 19-Mar-2010. I was one of the cyclists who attended the free breakfast provided by DTEI. See page 10.
A Functional Hierarchy for South Australia’s Land Transport Network
Published by Govt of SA plus Dept of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure in Jun-2013

I don't think anyone in planning ever read page 10.

Did anyone read last Saturday's Daily Rupert? A short article claimed that that the bike overpass will be fixed later this year and builder's insurance will pay for the repairs. The path will be attached to the tram beam alongside and be fitted with new bearings.

If you want to complain about the length of time taken to repair the bridge, or the detour route that DPTI has provided (including refusing to provide more reasonable crossing times as the pedestrian crossing during the closure), you could use the department's complaints form/ phone.  I guess it would at least tell the department that people care.

Perhaps you could try the DPTI CEO.  I assume his email is Michael.Deegan@sa.gov.au

South Road tram overpass reopening delayed by weeks as repair workers find new problems
Published by ABC News on 3-Jan-2018

The department had hoped to have repairs completed by December, but spokesman Paul Kermode now said the work would not be finished until "some stage in February".
"Following the lifting of the structure to complete the planned repairs, additional works were identified that needed to be undertaken," Mr Kermode said.
"We just need to make a few adjustments to those fixing brackets, so that's the additional work that needs to be done, to make sure that stays level and flat and safe for everyone."
One cyclist who spoke to ABC Radio Adelaide this morning said signage notifying of detours around the site was very confusing, and Mr Kermode said the department would take the criticism "on board and pass it on to the project team".


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