Just heard on the radio and gone to DPTI Facebook to see the following:

UPDATE 9.25am:
Around 7am, Traffic Management Centre received reports of debris falling from the South Road tram overpass.
Initial inspection showed debris falling from the bike path attached to the tram overpass.
In the interests of public safety, tram services were stopped in the area.
A structural engineer was called to inspect the site, and an independent bridge expert will also be consulted.
Until we are satisfied that passengers, cyclists and motorists are safe, South Road has been closed between Cross Road and Anzac Highway and police are on site.
Trams are currently running Glenelg to Stop 8, and Entertainment Centre to South Terrace. Substitute bus services are running in place of trams. The Mike Turtur Bikeway is also closed at South Road.
We will provide updates as soon possible

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Trams are running again. The problem is with the bike path part. I predict it'll be shut for weeks.

I don't think it should take any more than a few days to pull apart the shared path part and get it out of the way once the decision is made.

Like it or not, South Road matters a hell of a lot more than the shared path. Public transport buses alone would easily carry many times the daily total of bridge users in just half an hour of one peak period.

I meant the bike path would be shut for weeks. I expect South Road will be open very quickly (I thought by tomorrow, but your "a few days" could be closer), because it will be top priority.

DPTI have said it will be assessed by a bridge specialist engineer tomorrow.

My prediction is that the shared path will be GONE, not fixed. That's what will take a few days, not the initial assessment.

A project to build a replacement will have to wait until after the inquiry (possibly more than one - the ATSB and ONRSR might decide to look at it in addition to the state government's internal investigation) into how this one happened. There's a state election in just over a year and no politician would dare sign their name to the decision to start it before the inquiry is complete.

So is there a possibility of the govt sacrificing repairs on the bike way to get the road opened faster???..I hope not, then its only a small step to removing it :( 

Bearing in mind that the State Government have only recently committed to a bike path over the rail line at Goodwood, I doubt if they would go for permanent closure.  Depending on the nature of the damage, and the condition of the rest of the structure, it may be a long time before it re-opens

I wouldn't say there's a chance of them choosing not to replace it. As has been pointed out already, the government has just committed to spending $10 million on a new bridge which will combine the MTB and upgraded DDA-compliant access to Goodwood Railway Station, so they clearly aren't walking away from the MTB.

There certainly needs to be a thorough inquiry into the failure of a seven year old bridge before the works to replace the failed span/s (it's not just a simple repair) can start, otherwise we'll be having the same issue a few years down the track. So we're in for a long temporary closure, potentially over a year, but still only a temporary closure.

With the works to replace the failed spans being quite a lengthy process and one that can't even start yet, of course the immediate priority is to secure them well enough that they won't collapse and then reopen South Road.

Consider that the path in that spot has less than 900 users per day, while the 2012 data for South Road showed it had 49,900 vehicles per day. Many of those vehicles would be freight (which has no option other than roads) and Adelaide Metro buses (the high-frequency service on South Road is mostly articulated buses that are well loaded even in off-peak times) so it's by no means just about private car travel.

This is going to be fun for commuting.

There's a pedestrian crossing a couple of blocks south.

I used to cross one block south at Forest Ave / Nottingham Cres., but that was in the old days when there was no tram or Anzac Highway overpass, so there were more breaks in traffic. I'm not sure if it's worth trying now.

I was thinking more about the drivers as one of our arterial roads is closed "indefinitely". 

When I'm not riding, I catch the bus down South Rd. Going to be a bit of a mess now.

Here's an alternative route. Adds about 400m (and a pedestrian crossing on South Road) according to Google Maps. I've started at Lyons Parade, because Google Maps doesn't know about the underpass (under the tram line at the north end of Lyons Parade).

Or Aroha Tce the whole way east of South Road is probably less distance, if you don't mind riding on footpath on the east side of South Road, between the pedestrian lights and Aroha Tce.

Good pick, as it also allows the option of starting just a bit further to the south so it can be accessed from the Goodwood end of the MTB via the Victoria St level crossing.

For anyone wondering about crossing East Ave, that will probably pick up some of the diverted traffic while South Road is closed but you do benefit from trains 'blocking' the road when they activate the level crossing.


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