Masters' Track State Championships on 16-18th March - Superdrome

Hi all, some of you might be interested in seeing your fellow ACer's hitting up the track with wkend at the State Champs. Its a good way to see what competition is out there and maybe you'd like to give it a go next year.

Spectators welcome (GCD)

Friday evening, racing from 6 (individual pursuits)

Saturday morning, racing From 9am - yep thats AM!!! (time trials)

Saturday Afternoon, racing from 4.30 (points races -  high wont seeme there!)

Sunday  Monring, Racing starts at 9AM again, (F200s to match sprints, scratch races)

come play spotto for the ACers: trapy, Lee-Anne, Gemma, Kara, Paul King, - double points if you can make us bush on the start line with all your vocal encouragement :P

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@ Marky G. Its on like Donkey Kong!

Bring your A Game!

and Samara too

Cool now there is a target, would love to have a go at some point. Not sure will be able to come though got a lot of other stuff happening this weekend lol

Good luck guys and gals :-)


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