Stephen Yarwood came along to the Cargo Bike Picnic today at Elder Park, with his son Oliver. He tried out the Miller-MacRae family shopping/kidcarrying vehicle, along with a few others. Check out the Cargo Bike Grin :-)

And then he got up and spoke a few words, basically he loves cargo bikes! Part of the transformation of the city. The only problem is, cargo bikes might scratch cars...

It was a great day, reckon this will become a regular event, appearing at various locations around the greater metropolitan area... transport options for all!

The inaugural event was pulled together by Andrew Dickson with support from The Bicycle Institute SA - part of the Bicycle Institute's strategic plan is to facilitate replacing car journeys of under 5 kms with cycling and other active transport options - cargo bikes are an important part of this strategy for those of us with kids and shopping and stuff to carry!

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No you have it wrong cars may scratch cargo bikes.

Awesome photo. It really captures Adelaide. Torrens, Convention Centre, swans, cycling and construction.

99.9 % of his comments were great. A pity about that one exception - if it gets reported in mainstream media, it will require a lot of his energy in explanation. Mud sticks. Me, I'll be happy to Share the Road.

I think his point is, it is very hard for anyone to argue against cargo bikes, they make sense in so many ways... the only arguement one may have against them (especially if one is a car-user) is that a cargo bike may scratch one's car... a tongue-in-cheek statement to show the scale of the concern - ie this is a matter that can be dealt with, and is not really a problem as in fact cargo bikes are very unlikely to scratch cars! It's a symbolic way of saying that cargo bikes are moving into the space recently dominated by cars, and may have a noticable effect.

At least, that's my interpretation of it!

Interesting take, there, Sophia. I interpreted it to mean "..being bigger/wider, cargo bikes may scratch cars in traffic..". Many years ago, I managed to scratch a car by "sneaking" past it at traffic lights - it was stationary - scratching it with my metal pannier buckles. Among other things, it put me off "bike sneaking" for ever : now I only want to Share the Road like a legitimate road user who belongs where they are, not someone who has to sneak around in permanent opposition to cars. I sure hope cargo bikes achieve the acceptance we want - behaving responsibly will hasten that acceptance.

All road users have an obligation (I suspect a LEGAL obligation) to behave responsibly. If they don't, and they are a danger/nuisance to themselves and/or others, I would say that they have forfeited their privilege to use the public roads.

I would have been there if I hadn't been to busy and still had my Nihola cargo bike.

Sold it a couple of weeks ago, since they kids were getting to old (and heavy) and now ride their own bikes.

As for the bike it went to Brunswick/Melbourne with 'I ride ADL' and Danish/Copenhagenize sticker and all

By coincidence Cycle Chic has some cargo bike coverage today.

I had not realised that cargo boxes also carry adults. Pedalling for 3 adults would be a work out.

Yes imagine being the "nominated cyclist" amongst your friends for a night out at the Norton Summit pub.

If I was a nominated cyclist I would make them do their turn on the way to the pub :-)

The ride home in the dark could be exciting.


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