Can anyone recommend a GOOD small, light weight, helmet cam that will except a micro SD or similar, and is rechargeable via USB ?

Just as good info would be what NOT to buy !

Essentially, I want to record my daily commute, as a record in case of accident,  but I am sure it will be used for fun too.

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This looks neat. Yet to be released but aimed squarely at the Go Pro market. Is fully waterproof and comes with an option of wifi kit so you can upload live footage (presumably have to be within range though). Bit pricey compared to the cheaper options out there, but not aimed at them either

Local website

I bought this in October last year, and its great.  Use it on my daily commute from Highbury to the city every day.  Quality is good and picks up rego plates easy if there is a close call on the roads.  Also use to record 'Dog Sledding"

its great when motorists start mouthing off at you, they soon shut up when you tell them you have a helmet cam!!

Got mine for $159 but I thinking they are selling now for about $179


Thanks Cheryl. The info on the link looks interesting and you say it can pick out rego. Some bullet cams are dearer. At that price could buy 2 for forward facing and rear facing.

Yep the footage is very clear, used it to complain to Toll IPEC when one of their trucks nearly hit me in a bike lane, they said they would use it in their driver awareness training.

I record 10 trips a week, mostly nothing happens and I just delete them but its useful for that one incident when you need some evidence.

I have done extensive research on helmet cams as I too was in the market for one and decided to purchase a go pro hero 2 - which I am exceptionally happy with!! Worth every cent! :) It's waterproof to 60mtrs which will be great for when I'm in the water or when I go to the snow. The picture quality is exceptional and cannot be beaten by any other action cam (Hence all the pros use it). (It also has a number of different mounts which allows for different angles - head mount, chest mount, wrist mount etc). You can shoot 120fps and see action shots in slow motion - very smooth picture quality. 

Here's a test video I uploaded of one of my rides (unfortunately it was an overcast day):

My second choice of helmet cam would be a contour roam, GPS or + model. These seem relatively easy to use and would be good for your everyday commute. They are however very pricey and picture quality is definitely not as good as the GoPro. 

If you have any other questions about the GoPro feel free to ask.

You can also clearly make out number plates with the GoPro hero 2. (I know when it's been uploaded to youtube the video looses its quality but for the purposes of surveillance video uploaded to your computer its very good!)

I borrowed a hero camera for a recent ride.

Quality of photos were superb, but......the handlebar bracket stem (new) snapped after 4 hours on the road.  It was under warranty, but apparently it was the second time it has happened.  Camera survived tumble and casing only had a few minor scratches.


MidSeason wk20 - 120x600

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