Can anyone recommend a GOOD small, light weight, helmet cam that will except a micro SD or similar, and is rechargeable via USB ?

Just as good info would be what NOT to buy !

Essentially, I want to record my daily commute, as a record in case of accident,  but I am sure it will be used for fun too.

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whats ya budget?

Maybe $250 ish.  Not really an issue.

I'm also curious about this as keen to record my exploits for safety and fun.

I'm skeptical of the awkward shape of the GoPro 'Hero' 1080P which seems to be the most recommended from what I read in terms of quality.

I've seen a few "Contour" cameras on eBay which - aside from their bulky price - seem to be a slimline and elegant fit for the side of a helmet.

Will be interested to see responses...

looking forward to seeing your first recorded ride !

Love comedy!

 Looking forward to watching this one!

Pete I know a few people who have bought from these guys, easy to deal with Aust based and good back up.


One day I will get a helmet cam. This small bullet-shaped helmet camera sounds interesting. Contour HD 1080p is the world's first full HD wearable camcorder to shoot and share $349 in Jan-2011.

Helmet mounted is better than bike mounted, because it gets cyclist's view, e.g. to vehicle on left failing to give way to right. Dr Marilyn Johnson, MUARC, did a study where cyclists wore helmet cams. Used software to decrease the jerky movements or sea-sickness feel for film viewers caused by alert cyclists moving their heads.

Cyclists need a second cam to catch pictures from the rear.

AVO has or had a remarkably good one that was remarkably cheap, not a remarkably long recording time but I think he said larger memory SD's were available.

Tell me more A.V.O. ...

He might be on Ride for Repat

 LOL   +1

I have also bee interested to see what these are like - only $150

HD Video Sunglasses...


MidSeason wk20 - 120x600

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