Linear Park has some construction starting, not far before Hackney Rd. The detours mean you'll probably have to cross Hackney Rd if you're heading along the Torrens. It took me ages to get across this afternoon.

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Both sides of the river?

yeah seems to be

Its gong to be closed for a while ... from this page

The Linear Park paths underneath the Hackney Bridge will be closed from 30 March 2016 until late 2016, for construction of a new shared use pedestrian/cycling bridge across the River Torrens and for the Hackney bridge widening.

late 2016 they  say.....probably mid 2017 would be my guess

That's unfair to DPTI. Most of their road projects have been coming in on time over the last few years now that there's been a clean out of Mike Rann's old buddies at the top.

In this particular case, they have a number of external reasons that the difficult bit of the work (the tunnel under Rundle Road and Rymill Park) will have to be completed no later than early January in time for the summer event season. The bridges over the Torrens are some of the easier bits and should be done well before Christmas.

I rode around the Hackney Rd area yesterday and it certainly looks busy. You will normally detour via the lights at Bundeys Rd. Map here.

On the other hand the deviation at South Rd should be gone soon. Yesterday I had a look and the last finishing touches were being put on the approaches to the new foot bridge.

Is that going to require carrying the bike up stairs to get to the Bundeys Road lights ? 

Not unless you want to. The southern path using Richmond St/Torrens St will be the one to ride. Just don't proceed via the little foot bridge that occasionally floods.

Torrens St exit here (hope the link works). Cyclists should be able to ride westwards at the lights with the cars. Eastwards will require three pedestrian lights to cross.

On the north side of the river, come off Gilbert St Gilberton onto Rose St, and then the Park Tce service road to the Bundeys Rd lights.  From Bundeys Rd turn onto War Memorial Dr.

Crossing from the south side of the river would be through Walkerville, or by crossing at the low level (subject-to-flooding) bridge and then heading up the wooden ramp on the north side to get to Rose St.

Thanks so much for this David. I rode according to your advice both ways today and it was excellent. The lights at Bundeys Road worked a treat and I could then either turn onto War Memorial Drive or continue on Bundeys to Frome. Coming in I went Frome and turned onto Finniss then Bundeys. 

I really appreciate your post. Cheers.

I'd like to add my thanks for this too. It's a much more elegant solution than the "official" DPTI detour, and only 1 set of lights to negotiate.


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