Limitless Performance, cycling ain't for girls apparently...

Wow, This is such a disgrace, (non-swear) words fail me...

At least they've rightfully received a massive backlash on the web, twitter etc and have already taken the offending ad from YouTube.

In this day and age how can a brand get it soooooo wrong?

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The video seems to have been removed, I think we need to see it in order to pass judgement. ;)

I suppose it is a brand of men's clothing.

Sadly I will suggest there would be many men happy to see an increase in women participating in cycling.

Rather than on they sidelines as token eye candy.

Are some CEO's sexist pigs?

There seems to be evidence some are.

Not wrong to gawk at attractive members of the opposite sex, I do it all the time:-) Also, fwiw I have no problems with the 'sex sells' style of marketing as it goes both ways.

But yes, I think we should be concerned by a campaign like this.

What I object to is the fact that in this campaign female riders are portrayed as clueless/hopeless beings incapable of fitting their gear correctly or riding at more than a doddle. Pro female riders already get a raw deal compared to the men and I know a lot of girls who find it pretty intimidating walking into a bike store as they feel like it's a male domain, so a campaign with this slogan:

"Nice try girls, but it's not for you"


I mean, I get it. Limited Performance only make mens gear, how very niche of them, wow no other cycling brands do that! Surely if that's the angle there's a better, umm cleverer way, to promote it than this neanderthal tripe. 

Arrgh, that feels soooo much better off my chest:-) with Cervo Rosso who do offer a womans specific kit....
Not a very smart marketing move.....

There is a definite case of breast discrimination in this article . One woman's boobs are on display while the other's has been censored . I find it disturbing , is it because of size , shape , age ,nipples, race or what ? 
Come on fair go ,, equal rights for all breasts !

This could turn into a very informative post for new, single females trying to decide who potentially suitable AC ride partners are/aren't.

I've hand picked "my boys" for tomorrow ;-)

That's because I want all the firemen to myself!

Limp Performance - myopic perspective...


What we are seeing in the LP advertisement is an expression of a 19th century attitude that idealises maleness by keeping women separate, peripheral and passive by exclusion.  The concept of equality, even in sport, is an emasculating fear among those men not yet evolved. 

Happily not all men are like this :-)

I too don't like this type of advertising.  Yes, it does belittle/dehumanise women, and that is terrible.  But it also belittles men.  Men are given the message that their brains should reside in close contact with their bike saddle, or the car seat, ot whatever is advertised.  (Remember those car ads with the blonde draped all over the bonnet?)  There is rarely anything substantive in the adverts regarding the fitness-for-function of the product.  Instead, the ads rely on a distorted image of "reality" to sell the product.

"An ounce of image is worth a pound of performance."  (Peter's Placebo)


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