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- and who would have thought- there is not a single mention of helmets here - hummm, I wonder why??

All those people in other parts of the world just don't seem to realise how enlightened our governments are in enforcing mandatory helmet legislation - they have yet to experience the sheer joy in cycling on a hot day head firmly encased in its protective shell, or the quiet ride along the park lands trail, the helmet protecting your skull from the sun and adventurous magpie attacks.

As citizens of the helmet culture we need to see a campaign to have helmets introduced into all other aspects of transport - motorist helmets will become the new family fashion accessory, and pedestrian helmets the must have - we all need to be kept safe at all times - just in case - (I even wear a helmet when I am sleeping, just in case I accidentally fall out of bed), who knows what could happen....if everyone wore a helmet life would be so much better!!!

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How is this or yours a good post? i find it very disheartening that someone would actively promote an unsafe cycling action. "sod the consequences"??? it is statements like that and posts like this that hold the "cycling revolution back" 

flame bait

As someone who's life is better off as a result of wearing a helmet in an accident, I find your belittlement of the issue appalling.



I owe my life thrice over to a bike helmet. Been using one ever since sharing the road with motor vehicles at age 10, and they are not the least bit debilitating to the experience in any way.

OK, so I have very little hair for the wind to blow through anyway, but it sure saves my scalp from sunburn and ferocious maggies in the Adelaide hills!

If my sofa was travelling down hill at 70 km/hr on skinny tyres that rapidly deflate when punctured I think I'd probably want to be wearing a helmet.

Maybe we should repeal the laws and let natural selection cull the herd a little.

I saw the helmet of a friend who came of his bike last week, he had only minor injuries but without the helmet it would have been much worse. Helmet craked in 3 places, quite an impact.

But lesson number 3 refers to the "sofa" as a metaphor for inactive people and the subsequent cost to society / the government on health related spending.  Nothing to do with helmets....

I enjoyed reading the blog, but find that your comments regarding helmets overshadow the excellent messages within it.


Yes, I agree - perhaps my comments on helmets were a little misplaced in this context - the issue about the cost to society of having a general inactive population vs the catastrophic and often life changing injuries that result from acquired brain injury - and the cost of this - is a discussion that is often ignored in the debate and reduced to the personal experience. We need a open discussion of this topic - the question NEEDS to perhaps be - would we see more people engaged in everyday cycling (utility cycling) if there was no compulsory helmet legislation, and would this correspond to a more healthier and active urban population?

Yes, it is an interesting blog post and I would urge all to read it with an open mind as to the possibilities of increasing cycling and analyzing what is holding it back in Australia.

And people stopped driving when they made seatbelts compulsory?

Personally I don't think its helmets holding back cycling in Australia - I have never spoken to a non-cyclist (that wasn't a brain-dead teenager at least) who's said hey don't ride because they have to wear a helmet.  Typically it's "I'm unfit", "I'm lazy", "I don't like bicycles", "it's too dangerous", etc.

I ride to work.  The environment is inherently unsafe at whatever speed.  There's a reasonable possibility I may fall and injure my head.  Before mandatory helmets, the young brother of a friend at school was struck by a magpie, he fell, hit his head on a gutter and now lives with a brain injury.  That's a good enough reason for me.

Good reasons and not disputing them, but bringing up seat belts in this conversation is not helpful - it would actually be far more beneficial for society if the occupants of motor vehicles were compelled to wear helmets in much the same way that motor sport drivers do - but that is not going to happen, is it??


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