Ladies Ladies!!! (And gentlemen if you know the answer)

Alright, so I'm in the market for some brand new road shoes, cleats and pedals. I was thinking of spending around $150 on the shoes and somewhere around $70 for the pedals. (Less is better but I'm happy to pay more for better quality). 

I was hoping for some advice on womens road shoes from the ladies and guys please feel free to let me know about your awesome pedals (or ones to stay away from). 

I live around the Unley area so would you recommend any bike shops in particular?? 

Looking forward to hearing your comments and advice :) :)

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Bicycle Express in the city

My wife swears by her womens specific Specialized shoes.

Yeah I've heard they're pretty good!! But they're a bit pricey!! Might have to get some of my relatives to help put some money towards them for my 21st?? :)

go see Claude at Megabike - he is not wedded to any particular brand and can give you some great advice about fitting and riding with them.

One brand I would not suggest for a newer rider is speedplay - I have been riding for a long time and have just changed to speedplay and boy they are really hard to get into.

Look is probably the best for a newer rider to get used to and has some versions that are a bit more inexpensive. As for shoes, foot width is a consideration some brands are narrower but you probably just need to dive in and see what works. Most important is that they need to fit properly so make sure that is right too.

good luck!

Thankyou - this is really helpful advice! :)

I read an article where Claude has mentioned that he is anoyed that many bike shops will sell a bike but without giving instruction on clipless pedals. I agree he would be a good guy to see about shoes and pedals. I've been use speedplay Zero's for years and I find they have always been easy to clip in but yes a little on the pricey side.

I agree whole heartedly with Claude on that one. It boggles me that other stores dont do it! I dont think I have ever  sold a shoe pedal combo to a new user and not fitted them up for them and set them up on the trainer. I cant remember anyone knocking back the offer.

I was a Shimano Shoe supporter for years, but unfortunately the quality and longevity has gone down majorly over the last 3 seasons.

Go see Brian at Road Rage Cycles (what a unfortunate name) on Payneham Road and get some Bonts.


+1 for Bonts. Just fantastic. Heat mold-able to your foot as well.

A lady asking a man for advise on buying shoes, what has the world come to? C'mon all you metro sexuals.

I'm sure you have some expertise in the area :P

my shoes (new wave) came with the bike package. 5000km's later and still good.


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