Anyone here signed up to JT Cycles mailing list receive an email about Brett Aitken?


It was from ...

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Not a good look for the man
Yeah, whatever he has done (whether true/false or right/wrong), this was not the right way to go about fixing the problem...
Agreed, write the email and let it sit for a day or two... Then delete it... Better to see a lawyer for a separation than a defamation!
JT cycles in receivership?
This message has just been released. I don't know what yesterday's email said but this might help clarify.

Security Breach Notice
by JT Cycles on Friday, 15 July 2011 at 10:01
JT Cycles would like to notify our customers that there has been a serious data security breach to our website server. The data security breach has unfortunately resulted in disclosing personal information on JT Cycles members to an unauthorised party. This has resulted in unsolicited email being sent from an email address claiming to be a member of our staff. These emails were sent from an unauthorised party, not an email account of JT Cycles.
The issue is being investigated further and at that time JT Cycles will issue a formal statement outlining the data security breach and action taken to resolve the breach.
We thank you for your ongoing support of JT Cycles.

Someone is not happy with the feller are they! That was some email!!


... out of curiosity - when did the JT's customers get yours - as I got one Monday.... (am not on JTs mailing list)

Ha, I'm not on the JT list either, that "thing" is going evrywhere!


urg *shudder*
Mine was received yesterday. I am only assuming it was sent to me because i am registered with JT Cycles mailing list
Seriously, some people have nothing better to do with they're time. Other than wasting our time that we could spend doing better stuff, other than looking at an e-mail of (not sure if it is actually him) brett aitken naked. like seriously, WTF :( 
I seen it...and totally agree with you matty c...  its ok to try and bring someone down, what about all the other people who have been involved with the buisness too. and the poor embarrassement for his wife and family.  Also for the record, he's not the first person in the world to have an affair....and im sure he wont be the last....pretty cruel if you ask me ! At the end of the day - SO WHAT !!!


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