It's Official: Final section of the OH Greenway to open late July...

From an update published today...
“As part of the Torrens Road to River Torrens Project, the T2T Alliance will be installing a shared use path bridge across Chief Street, on the northern side of the Outer Harbor rail bridge. These works form part of the Outer Harbor Greenway extension.
The shared use path between Queen Street, Croydon and West Street, Brompton is scheduled to open in late July as part of the T2T Alliance works….
To minimise disruption to traffic, the bridge works will be undertaken between 4am Saturday 26 May and 7pm Sunday 27 May…”
More here.

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Ok - my ever observant guardian (for want of a better word) in DPTI has pointed out that while this announcement signals the installation of the Chief St Bridge it doesn't constitute or signal the opening of 'the final section' which is the 150 metres or so across the old gas works site - from West St to East St! Apologies  - my enthusiasm took over as usual. I'll just go back to sleep now...

Working bee? Offer a bunch of cyclists to turn up with sledge hammers and knock down the inconvenient walls.


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