A question from Sydneysider who would like to know if the business is still operational

Does anyone know if NiteFlux is still trading? I sent a warranty repair to them almost 2 months ago, via their automated returns system. It hasn't come back yet, but previous returns were pretty quick.

They are not answering emails, the Adelaide phone number listed on their website (and in the Yellow Pages) has been disconnected.

Unless they suddenly moved and forgot to tell anyone, I have a sinking feeling that the light isn't ever coming back... Pity to see an Australian company go, if that is indeed, the case.



Thought perhaps someone might have local knowledge. 


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That's how I knew his name, maybe I should said of still a member. I have posted many times saying how great the Redzone is! I can only assume that a new one is in development due to there being several issues with the current model. I am still very happy with the light despite the issue I have with the battery. Hopefully with some feedback, a better, more reliable back light will be developed. T.

I know they say that the customer is always right, but this is getting silly.

Niteflux is certainly still in business and is not deregistered.  Yes we have moved.  Yes we are still needing to update contact details.  But meanwhile our email usually works.

It is sadly not uncommon for some people to get frantic and send 3 or 4 emails on the same topic on the same hour, on the weekend.  This is a good way to get your emails marked as spam and filtered out.  Also, sorry we don't answer email on weekends, or at night time.  We answer most within normal business hours.

Wendy from above has got her requests filled.  It is very common for people to post complaints on web forum such as AC; much less common for people to follow up and post resolutions.

If there is anybody that has a niteflux light, in warranty that has a fault, then of course you can send it to us.  Contact us on service@niteflux.com or just send it to the PO Box.  Any advice from people that you should not send it in makes no sense at all.  If it is broken, then what else are you going to do with it?  Niteflux can repair, replace or refund at it's discretion.  Max in this case I think you are a candidate for refund.  Please go and buy somebody else's product.

Anybody else out there that loves their red zone but has a problem, we will replace any warranty claims with our new version, which is imminent.




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