A question from Sydneysider who would like to know if the business is still operational

Does anyone know if NiteFlux is still trading? I sent a warranty repair to them almost 2 months ago, via their automated returns system. It hasn't come back yet, but previous returns were pretty quick.

They are not answering emails, the Adelaide phone number listed on their website (and in the Yellow Pages) has been disconnected.

Unless they suddenly moved and forgot to tell anyone, I have a sinking feeling that the light isn't ever coming back... Pity to see an Australian company go, if that is indeed, the case.



Thought perhaps someone might have local knowledge. 


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I was in contact with them last week. They have actually moved and have been busy developing a new product. No doubt they will see your post and respond.


David posted on here not long ago and mentioned a new tail light in development, but havent seen an update since. Still, fairly poor customer service it would seem....

Perhaps your light went to the old address and NiteFlux have not seen it or your complaint.

I just posted in another thread the same thing. I send mine back through the same process about a month ago. Now all phone numbers have been disconnected. Even when you search the domain name all contact details still point to the old ones.

I really like the Redzone 4, but just looking for some sort of response on what is happening, I dont like throwing money away..

Max, my comment about a new address for NiteFlux came from AC. See below in this post a comment on 29-Nov-2012 from David Bastians, "sorry we moved office".

Whether NiteFlux has continued trading I do not know. An AC member posts that the company has been deregistered.

Peter and Brad, maybe you could post in this thread http://www.adelaidecyclists.com/forum/topics/brightest-tail-light-d... as David has been active there in the past and may get an email reminder, cant hurt....

I posted in the other thread on here he has been active in also. So hopefully he will see it.

Even my mate that owns a bike shop is confused as the only details they have are the disconnected ones. Hopefully David will reappear soon.


Hi Peter,

sorry we moved office and we are not connecting our old landline.  Will get our website updated shortly.

We are indeed still in business and have been working hard on a new version of our popular red zone tail light.  I posted on another thread today (http://www.adelaidecyclists.com/profiles/blogs/niteflux-red-zone-4-...).  If you have concern about your existing repair claim, please just send email to service@niteflux.com.  We will look after you.

Cheers, David

Hi David

I posted my Niteflux Photon Max battery (which was still working in 2 modes) to you in October(for repair)  via your automated returns system,  I was advised it would take 1 week for repair.  I still haven't received repaired battery or any reply to my many e-mails to the service dept or niteflux itself & a phone message prior to the disconnection.   Could you please notify me via e-mail as soon as is possible of any developments with my battery.  Otherwise my only option is to purchase a new light.  Some action on this would be welcomed & a relief.  You can contact me via my e-mail or on this link.  Look forward to some reponse.




Thanks for that, I am/was about to send in my Niteflux Redzone in as the battery has almost died after I only had it for 7 months. The battery keeps dying and it get incredibly hot! Sad as it was an awesome (the best) rear light. Glad I didn't extend the warranty at extra cost.

The last I heard was that the business had changed address and was developing a new RedZone? Isn't David a AC member?

Teddles, see first page of this post where David Bastians posts comment. Then click on his logo and see he still has his own page on AC, two AC friends and no groups.


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