Cyclists celebrate 'nutcase' inventor as bike turns 200 years old
Published by ABC News on 11-Jun-2017
Monday marks 200 years since inventor Karl Drais rode a bicycle for the first time, in the German city of Mannheim.

A history of the bicycle
Simon Vincentt marks the milestones of 200 years of the bicycle

The Hobby Horse: 1817 - Karl Drais and his running machine
By Carsten Hoefer

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Thanks Heather! It doesn't get much better than this:

It was while riding his bicycle, Albert Einstein says, that he conceived his General Theory of Relativity. Now that’s an insight that has virtually added an extra dimension to our understanding of the universe. What other great realisations can this machine deliver?

Well - peace, love and understanding would be pretty nice as well ;-)

Does this imply that the out-and-back average velocity is constant, not just for light, but also for cyclists?

Out-and-back is typically only measured in Britain, and is not constant as new records are still being set ;-)

Everywhere else, laps of a velodrome is the preferred method.

What other great realisations can this machine deliver?

Bicycle transport could slow climate change.
I include the following footnote when emailing the BUG Enews to authorities.

Cycling has many advantages for community and government:
– Saves government and taxpayers money
– Reduces road congestion and its impact on business
– Frees up car parking and/or land space
– Minimal wear on roads, unlike vehicles with greater mass and velocity
– Cheaper to install infrastructure for bicycles than for vehicles
– Studies show that good cycling infrastructure increases local business
– Exercise improves health and decreases obesity, so can benefit the health budget
– Cycling rarely hurts other road users, unlike motorised transport
– Does not create air or noise pollution, or the associated health problems
– Less traffic noise and emissions improves street amenity
– Affordable transport that assists social inclusion

For supporting fact sheets, see Cycling Promotion Fund at


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