I found this on the National Library site. 

I can only provide a link sorry as the site has stipulations about using the image.


Unusually for many older photographs, the location and date (Mclaren Vale 1957) are supplied and I suspect that there will be people here who recall these events. Possibly they may even recognise themselves or others.

There are three interesting helmets and I reckon the kid without is wishing he had one as I don't think he he's going to get around without that wheel going down.

I always wanted some of those handlebars when I was young.

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cyclocross on single speeds, with hub gears!

wonder if it's related to these guys:


although 1957 predates their inception by a year.. 

Yes I had heard of the Findon Skids Kids but didn't know much about them. I wonder if the riders in the photo were an informal group who went on to become a club. They appear to have a Kookaburra symbol on their jerseys and I wondered if this is a known logo.

That's obviously the traditional mascot for sporting clubs from Woodville - a woodpecker!

The football club went by this name for most of their years in the SANFL (when they were consistently crap and never won a premiership) and a quick internet search reveals the local hockey club still bears the name these days.

That they are effectively wearing netball bibs shows how far the sporting kit industry has come in the last 60 years ;-)

Of course! I never thought. Obvious now you point it out.

Possibly from the Woodville North (actually at Woodville Gardens, Hamley Cr., now included in Mansfield Park) club, started c1954.  This was just around the corner from where we lived.  I remember going and watching with my father, who was "on duty" with St John Ambulance.

My grandmother lived in Woodville Gardens in the mid to late 50's and I remember sitting on her front fence watching 'skidkids' racing around the crescent and being awestruck at their skill to do a wheelie for a full lap and more.  I've sent a message to Skidkids godfather Mick Harley asking for any information on the photo.  If anyone knows, Mick will.

Nice find

There appears to be two distinct logos here. A white round background with a black kookaburra and a square background with perhaps the head of a woodpecker. The 2nd rider has his logo obscured but the lad hitting the deck gives a clearer view.

The differences could just be that the bibs were hand-made! There's some difference between the mascots on the first and third riders as well.

Woodville sporting colours have always been green and gold.

I spoke to an old skidkid friend of mine, Brian Herd,  and he gave the following information.

These were riders from the Combined Cycle Speedway club based at Trafford St.,  Ferryden Park.  There were four clubs, Kookaburras, T-birds, Panthers and Monarchs.

The photo shows Wayne Lind of Kookaburras leading Trevor Cryer from the T-birds club.

Nice. Thanks Gary, and Simpson for sharing.


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