Maybe you toyed with bikes now and then before you were bitten by the bug? Were you unsure if you were good enough, experienced enough, or fast enough to call yourself a cyclist? Or did you live in denial, hoping nobody you knew would spot you wearing lycra?


Complete the sentence, in all seriousness or with humour, as you wish.

Please, no extra commentary or thread highjacks- just start with  '..when'


Finally, I knew I was a REAL cyclist when...


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Finally, I knew I was a real cyclist when my wife said "You better check your calender first to see if you have any cycling events on"
... a friend of my Mum pinched me on the ass when I was riding out the gate to a race! She must have thought I looked good in lycra or maybe it was the couple of bottles of wine she necked at our bbq??

My reply is not as amusing and I arrived at the realisation slowly.

. . . all my clothes are designed for wearing on the bike.

Women will know what I mean. After years of wearing flat shoes, I can no longer walk in high heels.

when a real cyclist gave me the nod when I was on my bike :)
...When I started spending more money on my bike than on my car...
haha, I hear you on this Pete. My car used to get all the attention, now my bike and associated apparel and accessories do.
.. When I started spending more time on AC than Facebook !
When I get on the bike to go to the local shops instead of getting in the car

when I going up Nortin Summit getting the nod from the "Real Cyclists" on roadies coz I was riding my hybrid.:-)


I spend all night thinking about this and I love and agree with all the replies. I think I might add I knew I was a Real cyclist when I bought a rack and panniers for carrying stuff about with me and add to that I would forget to change some items over and have to say "I left X in my other bag..."

..I rode up Norton Summit without stopping.


and also when I spent more money on bike clothes than "real" clothes

I hear ya Kara


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