As I was nearly run off the road by an articulated bus overtaking me on Friday afternoon I wanted to complain to Adelaide Metro about it. Nothing obvious on the web site so I complained about that and got the following response.

There are the following options available to lodge a Feedback:

  • Contact the Adelaide Metro Infoline on 1300 311 108, open 7am - 8pm, 7 days and speak to one of our friendly Customer Service Officers who will submit the feedback on your behalf
  • Follow the link below and lodge a feedback via the Adelaide Metro website (what you utilised)
  • Write a letter detailing your feedback and post it to the below address:
    • DPTI
    • Public Transport Services
    • Reply Paid 83100
    • GPO BOX 1533
    • ADELAIDE SA 5001

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I concur with your dilemma, I've found that over the past few months there have been an increasing number of bus drivers either unaware of the size of their vehicle, or choosing to ignore the 1m clearance required from a cyclist.


I've stopped riding Henley Beach road in peak hour for just this reason - I've had drivers needlessly try to get in front of me and pull into a stop - it's like they use the give way to a bus merging with traffic in reverse - found myself one night stopping in front of a bus to have a chat to a driver after almost ending up under his wheels - I was furious and let the guy know - says chap - I've got 50 people on board, this gives me priority.... I give up - rather live longer be less stressed and take a little more time to get home.

A good comeback next time a bus driver says something like that, "How happy would those 50 people be if you had run over and killed me ?" 

If anything having 50 people on board means you should be more careful and courteous.

50 witnesses on board. After watching the footage of the hit-run on pulteney i'm going to get a camera for myself.

I was riding in the bike lane up Anzac Highway a few months ago and had a bus pass me while he was over the line and partially in the bike lane.  After realising I wasn't dead, I chased him and confronted him at the next stop, where he said he didn't do anything wrong and didn't seem to care.  

I wrote down his route, bus number, time and location.  I sent all of this in a letter with a description of the events to the DPTI and never received a response.

I don't ride Anzac Highway anymore and use alternate routes.  I also no longer support or use public transportation.

I've had and continue to have other minor issues with busses cutting me off and pulling out in front of me, but this was the worst.

This one seemed to be unaware of the length of the bus as the pass started OK but as the articulation point reached me it was clear that I needed to brake or get run into the roadworks we were passing.

Bus drivers are professional workers. I would certainly be following that up with Adelaide Metro and DPTI.

I have had plenty of so called run ins with buses but none so bad I'd thought to complain. Usually tail gating as we both approach a bus stop. I simply turn around and eye the driver critically, seems to work. Other times passing too closely, that's annoying :-/

I've followed their instructions and asked for a reply so we'll see what happens.

In the past I have contacted Torrens Transit that used to have the routes where I cycle between home and CBD. (Bus companies and routes changed late last year and do not know which company now.) Even though I ended every complaint with a request to be contacted and informed of the outcome, it was rare. Was contacted after complaining about a bus stopping across a pedestrian crossing to pick up a passenger (obvious breach of ARR) but the reply seemed to accept the action.

A possibility is SAPOL if you get the rego but do not know if police would act.

This month I emailed a letter to Hon Chloe Fox MP, Minister for Transport Services,

Previously I have felt that my complaints as a cyclist and once as a pedestrian (the driver decided to pick up a passenger away from a bus stop and across pedestrian crossing that was green for me as I wheeled my bike) have gone into a black hole. Often I record  the bus number and the bus is going too fast to record the registration in smaller font. The police insist on the latter although bus number and route number would enable police to ID the bus then driver.

Rachel Sanderson MP, Member for Adelaide, has asked if any complaints about bus services. Probably thinking of passengers. On 13-Mar-2012 I wrote a letter re 4 public transport buses parked in the Fitzroy Terrace bicycle lane. One of the buses was also obstructing a truck on a service road and myself on a shared path wanting to use the bicycle passageway to cross Fitzroy Terrace safely. Had to venture onto the road and travel lane to wait to cross. Sent my complaint to the Minister with cc to Rachel. Rachel's office thanked me for my detailed letter, which included references to pertinent Australian Road Rules. See what happens to my new approach.

In your complaint, mention that the buses have exterior video cam which will support your complaint.

Thankfully I have never had an issue with a bus driver.

Remember it is stressful for them too. They are trying to keep a timetable while they're stuck behind a bunch of cars. Few people actually realise there is a give way to buses pulling out rule. On top of that, they get fined for being late when so often it is out of their control.

In my experience, bus drivers are generally courteous despite a difficult and demanding job. Remember not to judge them all by the behaviour of a few. That's what happens to cyclists and none of us like it.

All Adelaide buses have cameras fitted....but try getting the footage!

I had a real loonie bus driver try and 'squeeze' me into kerb about 3 times one day on Anzac Hwy.I did nothing to antagonise him. Lucky i bunnyhopped up onto grass the last time! I tried everything to have the driver charged...SAPOL, metroadelaide...nothing. Not even return calls to my 4-5 trys. Pathetic quality control on who they employ these days. 

good luck.


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