I stepped on the scales this morning and was pleasantly surprised and while I ride for pleasure and the environment fitness and health maintenance also plays a part in it.

Perhaps you are consciously trying to loose weight or not - how much have you lost since say Dec 1?

I have been commuting a couple of extra days a week this year, doing a hill session one morning and a Sunday 60km ride and I've been going to training with Matt Lloyd once a week as well as watching what I eat and my portions sizes.

(of course you can keep your weight confidential but for the record I've lost 3.5 kgs or so--- and I just ate a Cherry Ripe, albeit a min-ish one)

Photo by ambib(flickr.com/ CC) --not me.. but my scales!

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Middle age is a condition typified by

- longing for a ripped body, preferably without the effort

- realisation that chicks dig you as a sugar daddy

- unnatural cravings for status symbols (in my case De Rosa, Canon, Scubapro, the list goes on...insert your own)

- the realisation that you probably won't be as quick on your Colnarello as you were on your Raleigh Chopper, despite your best efforts (Mr Woods excepted)

- you start believing the adds for weight loss products

- you start buying the weight loss products

- you seriously consider compression undergarments as everyday items

- you consider lycra as an enhancement of your wardrobe

- you are not afraid to wear pink (alright, that's mine - Lampre, I luv u)

- your wife asks you what you are doing with that razor in the shower.......!


Does that count as a ripped body or the shattered remains ? I should of smiled :)
Ladies... you can call Ted on 555 5555 he's waiting for your call!

LOL, more like 0403 191 something,something, something.


Gentleman you can meet me in the southern parklands NOW. Only if you dish out rough, tough love. XXX Teddles

Still convinced I'm gonna live forever.......otherwise, what's the point in shifting the weight???

@Teddles skinnier than me!!

Middle age . . . To be strictly logical, wouldn't it be your ( death date - birth date) / 2.

If the average age span for Australian women is 88, then average middle age is 44. Sorry males, your average middle age starts before 44. But no one knows their death date, so no one knows when they have reached middle age.


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