I stepped on the scales this morning and was pleasantly surprised and while I ride for pleasure and the environment fitness and health maintenance also plays a part in it.

Perhaps you are consciously trying to loose weight or not - how much have you lost since say Dec 1?

I have been commuting a couple of extra days a week this year, doing a hill session one morning and a Sunday 60km ride and I've been going to training with Matt Lloyd once a week as well as watching what I eat and my portions sizes.

(of course you can keep your weight confidential but for the record I've lost 3.5 kgs or so--- and I just ate a Cherry Ripe, albeit a min-ish one)

Photo by ambib(flickr.com/ CC) --not me.. but my scales!

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Hahaha, I'm up 1.6 kilograms since about mid november. My BMI has just slid to a 'healthy' 20. No longer am I in the underweight class. 


Will also have a good think about what sports my boy does at school, as being a light weight rower for 4 years may of left some emotional scares with me. 


If anyone wants some weight gain ideas; give up being Vegetarian, Yes the first couple of meals really suck and you might chuck (I did). If anyone wants some weight loss ideas; give up Red meat, or even better all meat :) IMAO

Shut up! BMI 20! I just made 25 today.. 25 being to max of the healthy range.
I gave up meat and milk (not cheese) 7 months ago and did not lose weight! I musn't have been eating much in the first place. I now follow no sugar low GI and not only feel great but have lost 2kg! Cycling through the hills to and from work over the next month should drop the last 2 I have been trying to get rid of for over a year!
I'm vegetarian and I struggle to keep weight off!

To be totally honest, I haven't lost any weight (in fact I think I may have gained weight since the TDU). Too afraid to get on the scales (dont have then at home anyway).

This is mainly due to my diet, which of course is something that only I can control. 

Being a single Dad I also cant get on the bike as often as i'd like to. I missed last Sundays GS due to having the kids and I'll have the kids again on the weekend of the C2C, although me and the girls will be doing the mini C2C (i'll be a BikeSA volunteer for the day).

My roadie is "off the road" atm whilst I save some pennies to get the cassette and chain replaced (with one of the kids birthdays fast approaching and saving to pay for the kids to go to the Easter Cycle it will take a while). To get to and from work (and general riding) atm I've resorted to the MTB, and I was quite surprised as to the speed I am now able to maintain using it.


I reckon you're doing just fine. Put it this way we'd all be a lot worse if we didn't do something. And besides cycling is mental exercise as well.


The MTB is a good workout. As my trainer said to me "don't be in a hurry to replace your bike, a heavier bike makes for a barder workout each ride",

Gained 4kg - either not enough riding or too much food - maybe both

Lost about 3 kg of chub and gained about 1 kg of muscle.


Working my way up the BMI scale, now at 23.4.


Starting to ride single-speed instead of fixed is gonna make me soft.

There's no need for a :( when you have a BMI of 18.
Have you got a good fish n chip shop near by ? I have discovered recently that eating a hamburger with the lot, min chips and a pinapple fritter for dinner really puts me in the Zone :) I feel a bit gross afterwards so I can only do it every now and then. My kids love it though !

Ah, you have to die of something :)


I would hate myself if I was a Pure Vegan, Never drank, Never smoked, Never put any of the substances I had put in my body over the years, Went to church every day etc etc. Then got cleaned up by a bus while crossing the road. 


The simple fact that I made it past 30 while still walking is amazing. :)

18.4!!! I'd be dead/would have to starve myself if I got under 20...I am currently 23.5 (70kg and 1.79m). The lightest I have ever been is around 66kg before I went to France last year and most people thought I looked seriously underweight.



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