History in the Making on the South Rd Overpass - Will You Be #1?

Overpass ramp on the western side.

An update from the Torrens2Torrens Project today tells us that: 

"Weather permitting, the shared use path is scheduled to be open at 8am, Tuesday 31st July. There will still be some finishing works to complete along the shared use path and as such, some temporary closures of the path outside of peak hour periods (10am – 3pm) may be required, until full completion of works. We will install advance warning signage to alert users if temporary closures are required.

As noted, there is still some of the brickwork to be completed so the ramp leading up to the bridge will be narrowed using temp fencing and bollards so the workers can keep laying the bricks. Unfortunately cyclists will need to dismount due to the width of the gap on the ramp but hopefully this will only be for a couple of weeks."

Who's going to go down in history as the first to ride over? Whoever you are, we'll need the photographic evidence! ;-)

Eastern Overpass ramp, Coglin Street crossing.

Dog-leg ramp to McInnes Street,eastern side.

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A little one of them would look noice at the Tollgate, hint hint oh Transport Minister. Could even emblazon it with SA Grate or something lively.

If you think how long it takes us to install bridges, it's interesting to note that the 'Little Green One' was installed over a 4-day weekend! Built in Belgium out of steel plate & trucked and craned in. They obviously take bike-bridge building pretty seriously in the Netherlands!

Actually the train bridge was craned in over a short period, and a Darlington Interchange bridge was rolled into place on mobile pillars. Adelaide isn't as backward as you think!


Sure Jilden - was aware of these things and yes, I probably am living in the past a bit! To tell you the truth it's probably more the provision of a Eu4.5M bridge 'just for cyclists' that I'm impressed by! As well as the colour and the shape and the fact that they trust bike riders enough not to chuck rocks at cars! ;-)


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