Recently there has been some discussion again about hill climbs and it go me wondering has anyone done multiple hill climbs?  


Im not talking about going up and down Norton Summit three times, I was more thinking along the lines of Norton + Corkscew + Checkers.


Im a person who likes to set goals or targets, i think this would be one of mine now that I have done each individually along with cracking 200km on a single ride.  


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i am only just learning to "appreciate" hills  =-) some good suggestions here!

Never having ridden it (or seen it) what is Menglers hill like?

The answer is relative ...


I dont think it's a big deal at all ... not very long, certainly not steep, good view though.


cool. driving to the barossa so am going to drive the TDU course to get some early recon in! =-) 

Finally started doing the southern hills on the fixie - last weekend saw Willunga x2 , Penneys x1 and Wickhams hill x1 on the 42/16 gearing.  Was slow, but still overtook a couple of roadies up Willunga.  Ascent of Penneys was tiring, though downhill was scary. Still not use to no brakes on the drops, so hitting 70kmph and shifting the hands to the top of the bars was a little worrying at first 

nice loop there Baron



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