What is it with this particular driver & passenger - breathe in breathe out and chillax  ! Just drive away and everyone is happy

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The NSW police should just taser the driver. 

The driver should be charged... after he gets his battery back

Maybe they should charge the battery.

How come everyone, including the dumbass cops, have overlooked the serious traffic offence of driving a motor vehicle around with the number plates covered over with cardboard.

Uneducated upbringing incapable of understanding or comprehending the world around them.

They mentioned this on Sunrise this morning.  However, the focus was all about a "cyclist vigilante group" who were trying to hunt down a motorist to mete out their own punishment....  Totally lost the plot!

Because a 'cyclist vigilante group' would be so effective against 2 ton cars (rolls eyes)!

Mind you Sunrise isn't exactly renown for quality journalism.


my 2c on the comments section


I think it is sad that drivers feel cyclists are rude, simply because they are on the road. The people spouting off about riding single file and ride within a meter of the curb should brush up on their road rules before making comment. Riding in the middle of the lane may annoy you but it is perfectly legal where there is no bike lane present. Some riders feel safer there because it forces drivers to wait (usually for seconds, which I know holds you up but in the grand scheme of your 2,365,200,000 seconds in life, 60 of them WON’T HURT) and therefore eliminates the risk of being run into gutters by some drivers or hit by opening car doors, which by the way, DOES HURT. More understanding from both sides would not go astray on the road because we are all trying to get to work or home to our families at the end of the day. Some choose cars, some choose bikes. It’s your choice! Anyway the more bikes on the road the quicker you frustrated motorists will be able to get home to those families. Oh and the people condoning the actions of this knuckleheaded car or the vigilante cyclists. Stop wasting time on an internet coments board. Seek professional help immediately!

I could not get everything I wanted to say in there and I know I am most likely beating my head against the spoiler clad boot of most of their bogan transportation devices, but the level of uneducated vitriole the posters had was laughable. They should all be made to ride a bike for education. I was one of the most impatient, rev headed and aggresive drivers around (Ask anyone who knows me) but cycling has taught me to be more mindful of what I am doing on the road, not just with regards to bikes but to everything. I am definately not a saint on the road but I am much better since I started riding.

Well said. The comments are depressing.

i chipped in but i seem to get all mine moderated these days.  People seem to be forgetting that an assualt may have taken place and are running off entertaining their prejudices

So dose sunrise think that concerned citizens identifying criminals and informing the police is not apropeate?

Or does sunrise condone assault?

If one of them got bashed would they go on TV saying how the person deserved it?

Is the real issue that the police are so unable or unprepared to act that cyclists feel they have to do the policing themselves?

Perhaps if they baned motorists from abandoning their cars on the road (parking) it would make thing easyer for everyone.

After all the transport system is about transport.

So should non moving objects not be permitted make a hazard and clog up the transport system?

Are we really surprised?

The other day I was riding up North East Road, coming down on the OPPOSITE side of the road - THAT"S 5 LANES AWAY (I'm still so incredulous that I had to use caps) was a guy in high vis work gear in a crappy mid 80s laser. God only knows what I could have done to annoy him ( as I was 5 lanes away did I mention that) but I got a full-scale 4 letter verbal attack.

All I can assume is that my mere existence bothered him. Honestly, and I know this makes me sound like an appalling snob, but I guess if I was driving around in a 25 year old laser while wearing bright orange, I might get a little angry at the world too. 


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