Has anyone managed to do this successfully? My Garmin arrived yesterday and I've set it up perfectly on my wife's bike with the cadence/speed sensor that came with it.

Then I went to set it up on my bike (2012 Giant TCR with RideSense sensor) and it doesn't seem to recognise the RideSense sensor. I've tried the rescan feature which is buried in the Garmin menus, but to no avail - do I need to do something with the sensor or change the Id in the Garmin? I've got my wife's bike set up as bike 1 and my bike set up as bike 2.

Frustrated - any help would be appreciated.


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make sure the other unit on Michelle's bike is well out of range as well.

Does the RideSense sensor require a battery? Check that

@Rob I'll check the battery, although I've made the assumption that it a) it has one and b) it's charged as the bike is only about 5 weeks old!

@Matt - it's a good few meters away, but I'll stick hers back in the shed just to make sure

Hey, I just set up my tcr 2012 last night with my new Garmin too. I had to remove the sensor,open it, and remove the plastic sticker from the battery. After that, just had to install the magnet and give the wheel a spin and it recognised it no problem.

Hope you get it sorted.

@brenton. that'll be it!

Yep that was definitely it, opened up the sensor and there's a clear plastic tab on the battery (difficult to see), as soon as I took that off and put the sensor back on the bike it all started working.

Thanks for your help.


good man, enjoy smashing those strava segments :P

Hi Phil

I seem to be having similar issues as those your experiences last year when setting up your Garmin. I've followed all the steps (I think) and have removed the sticker covering the battery but still nothing. The Garmin just does not acknowledge that the RideSense exists.cCan I please trouble you for some pics or further guidance as to how you successfully paired your Garmin to the RideSense?



Better late than never.

The issue is that unlike pairing your Garmin to your Garmin monitor, which can be done while stationary, the Ridesense requires the wheel with the sensors to be turning, first to activate the Ridesense, and then to pair.  Having done this once, the Garmin will automatically pick up the sensor each ride.


A second Phil


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