Sorry if this lifts the lid yet again, but an observation::

Walking my son home from school yesterday, he was on his scooter, wearing a helmet. A couple of his classmates had a go at him for wearing a helmet, thought it was hilarious.

These kids are just 8. So already they have decided helmets are not cool. Maybe it's just a scooter thing and they don't think the same way about helmets and bikes?

Tried hard to hold my tongue on this - especially when it was my son getting the flack! Jasper held his ground tho, asked them what was wrong with it, which they couldn't reply to. But I bet he thinks about it.

Where do they get the idea helmets aren't cool? Their parents? 

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The government - plus of course helmets aren't cool - smoking is cool - well it used to be.

Have you seen the film idiocracy?

it wouldn't be funny unless it was true.

Perhaps their parents dont think they have a brain that is worth $20.00

9 km/h? You need a bigger hill (and a motorbike)...

Totally agree. They're travelling along at walking speed. What exactly is going to happen?

Having said that, it is nevertheless the law. Rule 256 of the Australian Road Rules makes it a crime to ride any sort of bicycle anywhere if you're not wearing a helmet. Section 162C of the Road Traffic Act makes it a crime to ride a "wheeled recreational device" or "wheeled toy" anywhere if you're not wearing a helmet.

So if you push your 3yo along the pavement on their tiny tricycle and they're not wearing their Barbie helmet, you commit a crime.

Not so if they're on a pogo stick or one of those 1970s space hopper things.


We have become a nation of bed-wetters.

Tend to agree - what can I say, a safety-conscious son. Has to be a few around I suppose…

I have seen school children using scooters on the footpath. Cyclists on roads need helmets. Your young son may cycle on the footpath, but needs to develop a helmet habit for when he does cycle on roads. Can you point out the difference to your son? Perhaps show him photos of Aussie pro cyclists in their team lycra and helmets.

he sees enough of me in sweat mode!

If he was on his bike I'd be getting him to wear a helmet, but on a scooter I must admit I wouldn't worry - he's the one wanting to.

Or if he was going to a skate park, as RD6 says, no lid, no skate park.

every day after school I take my lads ( ages 4 and 6 ) to the local skate park, both wear helmets and ride razor scooters. No questions asked. Simple rule here no helmets no skate park

Helmets are a very cultural 'thing'.

Inline skaters pretty much all wear helmets when training.

Ice skaters pretty much never wear helmets when training.

My experience at ice skating tells me that ice is pretty hard (I wear a helmet).

Someone should do a Ph.D. on it (someone probably has).


My 8yo recently face planted at the local skatepark on his scooter, thankfully he was wearing his helmet, didnt stop him chipping his front tooth off and needing dentist work and mild concussion. Looked at his helmet later and a big crack thru the front of it that took a lot of the impact, cant imagine what would have happened without it and he totally understands how it saved him major injury.

OK, touched a nerve here on me.

I've always been an advocate of helmets and have always used one even before it was compulsory (I think my first bike was in about 1982/3).

I was unfortunate enough to have an "incident" a few weeks ago on Australia Day where I sliced open my right index finger (bugger - I'm right handed) and massive bruising on my left hip and other general abrasions. I went to Noarlunga Emergency to get the cut cleaned up and stitched together and was convinced I hadn't hit my head since I didn't feel I had.  After I left Emergency I took a moment to look at my helmet; initially I only saw grazing on the rear that suggested I slid on the back of it.  But when I looked much closer I could see several complete fractures of the foam so the helmet did a fabulous job of saving me.

I never needed convincing, but I now have evidence to show other people why helmets are a good idea.  I still can't believe that the pros used to ride without helmets back when I was a lad :)

(In case people ask about the bike - I haven't fully looked at it since I haven't had the dexterity in my hand to do any repairs anyway so I'm back on the previous bike for now. I'm annoyed that the bike was less than 200km old though!!)

Unfortunately I've had difficulty finding a satisfactory (read: as comfortable) replacement for my Las Istrion but I was finally ready to ride again last night so I had to dig up my previous helmet of mid 90s vintage.  Just before the group set off I had what I would regard as a derogatory comment about its look - and that's amongst adults.  So the schoolyard isn't unique in this regard.  Humankind has a long way to go to achieve tolerance in many regards.


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