Heads-up on potential danger on Linear Park shared path - Vale Park

Linear Park shared path. Narrow path north of the river west of Ascot Ave very near to 'Willow Bend Reserve' (suburb: Vale Park). A section of this path was replaced at the start of the year, however the new section has either slid or settled such that there is now a 1.5 - 2 inch lip in the middle of the shared path.

My tyre was caught by this lip this morning whilest overtaking a pedestrian and it was a job to stay upright. This is quite a narrow section of the path and has quite a heavy pedestrian traffic load so slow speeds on this section are a must - just be mindful if you are passing a pedestrian on this section it will put you right onto this lip.

Heather, do you have a 'one-stop-shop' page with all the wonderful contact information for councils that you have collated? So that I may contact the relevant people to get this seen to? Many thanks.

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I know this section and it's a pretty dodgy patch up.

Is it Port Enfiled council or a Linear Park authority.

Time to SnapSendSolve!

Thanks Gus and Dahondude for the info.

Will download the app and give it a go on the way home.

Cheers fellas!

Does that app work for road issues as well, riding up magill rd the other day the gaps in the ]road are just the right size for a tyre, as i nearly found out.

Thanks Gemma for the heads up..    will be cautious on the way home tonight 

agree that it's a pretty dodgy patch job, but it's still better than it was..

Vale Park is in Walkerville, phone 8342 7100, or email walkervl@walkerville.sa.gov.au with subject of cycling hazard.

Last time I checked, there was only talk of a River Torrens Linear Park authority. People tend to omit other Linear Parks: Dry Creek, Little Para, and Sturt Creek. I collated much info which includes Bikeways, Rail Trails, Recreation Parks and Trails around SA. Unable to find the authority for the Old Ghan Heritage Trail. Also light on for contacting the current public bus companies, although have contact details for Public Transport Services in DPTI and the Minister for Transport Services. My original intention was to post the info on AC, until it grew to 12 pages of notes.

Thanks Heather, not only for this but also for all your advocacy work!

Gemma, thanks for the thumbs up. Keeps me going because unpaid work. Have you considered joining my AC groups: Adelaide BUG, Prospect BUG, Look For Cyclists and Vote For Cyclists? I also produce a free monthly newsletter of BUG News.


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