Just wanted to find out if anyone knows if it's illegal to ride a bike with headphones on / In ?

Just heard a someone from the Pedestrian Council (apparently its a thing) state that it was against the law to ride a bike whilst wearing headphone, it was however a law that just never gets inforced. 

They were discussing the possibility of fining people who cross roads etc whilst wearing headphones or looking at devices, and as these discussions tend to do on Talkback radio, it veered into moaning about cyclists... 

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I can't think of any rule about headphones themselves, but they might be illegal if they are plugged into a mobile phone. ARR 300 ( http://www6.austlii.edu.au/cgi-bin/viewdoc/au/legis/sa/consol_reg/a... ) sets out pretty tight rules about when you can and can't use a mobile, and also applies to bike riders.

If you are talking about Harold "Screwball" Scruby and his private company The Pedestrian Council of Australia then take whatever he says with a pinch of salt. The man is a self styled champion of pedestrian rights who's own personal Road to Damascus was a road rage incident in Mosman where he ran over and broke the knee of a pedestrian. Google will provide a whole litany of complaints about the man and his nonsense and his lack of actually doing anything useful when it comes to pedestrian safety. (He also seems to hates cyclists).

common sense just goes out the window.............

In the Australian road rules, which apply to car drivers, cyclists & pedestrians alike, there isn't exactly a law against it. However, Road rules in Australia & around the world do stress that road users should at all times be in control and aware of their surroundings, if only for their own safety. Examples in the laws include being able to hear.... (sirens of) emergency vehicles, an oncoming vehicle, a bicycle bell, etc. So although there is no law, having your car stereo too loud, ear phones etc. as driver/cyclist/pedestrian could actually make you liable in case of an accident, or subject to a fine. And it's just safer!

Example, the other day I was cycling along a shared path and saw a lady walk onto the path and unleash her dog, about 200m ahead. Flashlights and caution signs go up immediately, and coming closer I slowed down, rang the bell and tried to watch for the dog. Rang again and again (I usually keep ringing the bell until I see people move or acknowledge that they've heard me, which gives me some assurance there won't be sudden movements). And when I finally rode past the lady, she startled, the dog came out of the bushes, and I could see she was wearing head phones. The lady was not aware of her surroundings, if only for her own safety, but more importantly to me; my safety.

Btw, apologies to the man on the black electric bike whom I almost crashed into riding on the wrong side of the path along Linear Park Trail near the university. Was focused on the wildlife running amok.

Wayne, is this an ongoing duck problem :-) 

Michael, if you think my duck problem is bad, you could be forgiven for this, truly a dog's life...


I'll never understand the zombification that happens when some people wear earbuds. I listen to music all the time when I'm walking around town and I'm constantly looking around. I think some people are just unaware and oblivious all the time and having headphones on just amplifies that stupidity.

you cottoned on to it ;-) I've never been a birdman 

A bloodied encounter with a magpie in QLD that landed me at a doctor for treatment hasn't done my phobia any good either. (dogs & bikes aren't a good combo either). I've been lucky this year, but I'm sure next year I'll have some story about a magpie.

Michael Murray, I'm going into bird therapy ;-)
In was in the backyard with my wife when a family of magpies seemed quite interested in us. I lured them closer and whistling at them, in particular Beethoven's Elize, got their undevided attention, coming almost in arms reach. But damn, those beaks look mean. And my wife still says their vermin, so no feeding.

maybe you should read this story LINK

Magpies are 'like dogs'

"We know that magpies remember and recognise human faces and they will remember them for years," 

Dr Kaplan said that once a magpie knew you and judged you to be a nice person, you would have earned a friend for life.

"They will form very long friendships, like dogs," she said.

>And my wife still says their vermin

They're not vermin - they are a protected native species. Rats with wings (pigeons) are vermin. Magpies are smart and make beautiful warbles and other vocalisations. Sounds like the ones you saw are already accustomed to humans, feed them some meat and get some friends for life.


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